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What to Wear to a Golf Course

 a person with golf kit

As the gentleman's game, golf is linked to a sense of custom and decorum beyond the course. You may be wondering what to wear to a golf course if you and your friends are going to the course for the first time. 


Golfing attire has an impact on your performance, comfort, and safety in addition to style. It really won't do to choose an outfit at random. Not to mention, there's a clothing golf course dress code that you need to be aware of. 


Before you go on your first golf outing, we will cover everything you need to know about the attire in this blog.


We will keep it straight and simple, just like your shots should be. Let’s get started! 


What Dress Codes Are Followed at Golf Courses?


Golf establishments often implement dress codes to maintain a certain level of civility and professionalism. The specifics of these dress codes may vary depending on whether the course is resort-style, private, or public. 


Public courses may have less stringent dress restrictions than private clubs, which usually have more formal guidelines. Resort-style courses usually strike a suitable balance between formality and ease to suit both guests and members.


What is The Proper Golf Attire for Men?


 a person playing golf

While there are loads of unisex attire options, there’s still some variety for both men and women. Let us now look at some proper golf course outfits for men. 




Collared polo shirts are standard, providing a timeless appearance along with practical advantages like moisture-wicking and breathability. Choose a material that is comfortable on your skin and aligns with the weather conditions. 


Pants and Shorts


In terms of bottoms, fitted shorts or pants with a belt are ideal. Pay attention to the length and style to keep the look professional. Ankle length is standard. 




For shoes, investing in golf shoes with soft spikes or flat soles is a good idea. They provide you with a firm grip and allow you to move freely. Make sure your shoes are worn enough to not give you shoe bites.


What is The Proper Golf Attire for Women?


a women with golf kit

Similarly, female golfers have a range of stylish options that combine fashion and functionality on the course. Let us look at some guidelines to keep in mind.




For women, polo shirts or blouses with collars offer a polished look. Sleeveless versions are also available for warmer weather. 




Skirts, skorts, fitted shorts, and pants are some of the options available to women for bottoms. Making sure your bottoms fit and are the proper length on the golf course is crucial. 




To ensure safety and grip on the golf course, women's golf shoes with flat soles or soft spikes are necessary. When choosing golf shoes, comfort and support are crucial, especially for extended rounds. 


Going Out For Golfing? Add These Accessories To Your Outfit.


To complete your golf course outfit, there are certain accessories that you need. Here are some of the most important ones: 


1. Hats or visors for sun protection: When spending a lot of time outside on the golf course, these products offer essential sun protection for the face and eyes. Hats and visors protect the skin from UV radiation, preventing sunburn and lowering the chance of long-term sun damage.


 person with hat at golf ground


2. Sunglasses with UV protection: These improve sight and mitigate glare on bright, sunny days, making your gameplay better. Plus,  these sunglasses provide essential eye protection when exposed to sunlight for extended periods.


At Sporteyes, we offer sunglasses that provide 100% UV protection. These are also available with vision-correcting prescriptions so that your line of sight is perfect while on the field. 


 person wearing goggles at golf ground


3. Light jackets or windbreakers: It is best to carry light coats or windbreakers because the weather can change quickly on the course. These keep you dry and comfortable during the game by shielding you from the wind and light rain.


person wearing sweater at golf ground


4. Golf gloves for grip and protection: Golf gloves provide your hands with protection and grip, especially in wet or chilly weather.


 person with Golf glove & ball


Tips To Keep In Mind While Choosing Your Golf Attire


Now that you have all the necessary accessories sorted, let us look at some other tips that can make your gameplay better and more enjoyable. 


1. Comfortable Fabrics: Choose materials with moisture-wicking capabilities, comfort, and flexibility. Even in warmer conditions, breathable materials like polyester blends or moisture-wicking fabrics help keep you comfortable and dry during the game. 


 With stretchable fabrics and practical designs, you will notice improved performance and pleasure in the game.


2. Layering:  Wearing layers of clothes enables you to modify your outfit in response to the course's changing weather and temperature. Start with base layers that wick away moisture and you can add on insulating mid-layers for warmth. 


Finally, finish with lightweight outerwear to shield you from the wind and rain. This approach ensures comfort and adaptability throughout the round.


3. Personal style and color coordination: Even though golf courses have clothing guidelines, creativity and color coordination are usually encouraged. While following the rules of the golf course, select colors that go well together and express your particular style. White, black, gray, and blue are examples of neutral colors that go nicely with different outfits.


4. Prescription glasses: If you wear prescription glasses, you might want to get some prescription sunglasses or sports eyewear. These glasses improve visibility and comfort by offering excellent vision, UV protection, and glare reduction.


Sporteyes offers a variety of designs for sports goggles that come with prescription lenses so that your safety and vision correctness needs are met at once. 


That sums up all that you need to have on the golf course for a sunny day out - from clothing to accessories to eyewear. Lastly, here are some clothing mistakes to avoid while on the golf course. 


These are general suggestions, and might not apply to all clubs, so it is best to familiarize yourself with the rules of your club before you head in. 


Avoid These Mistakes While Dressing For a Golf Game


Learn about typical dress code infractions to help you prevent any fashion faux pas on the golf course. There may be tight dress codes for certain courses, such as no denim, sportswear, or too casual attire. Golf clubs usually discourage wearing denim, jeans, cargo shorts, yoga pants, and other sports pants. 


Overly lengthy shorts or pants should be avoided as well because they appear unprofessional. Another thing to avoid is wearing them excessively tight, which is a serious fashion faux pas. 


It is best to take off lengthy necklaces and earrings along with beanies, fedoras, and cowboy hats since they are not practical.  


Ready, Set, Golf! 


In conclusion, dressing appropriately is crucial for a productive and pleasurable day at the golf field. Regardless of your level of experience, wearing the proper attire shows respect for the game and your fellow players. With these guidelines in mind, you can look forward to a smooth and exciting game with your buds. 


Sporteyes has a wide range of sunglasses, both prescription and non-prescription, that are designed specifically for golfers. Check them out for all your needs related to golf equipment, and get the perfect pairs for your next game. Happy golfing!

27 Mar 2024

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