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Why Do You Need Glacier Glasses This Winter?

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As the nights get longer and the air a little chilly, adventure junkies like you most probably have mountaineering on their bucket list. From the Alps to the Himalayas and the Andes, winters across various ranges offer some of the best mountaineering days; with rugged, challenging mountains, cold mountain air, and crystal clear views of snowy peaks and clear blue skies. 


You heard that right, “crystal clear” views. Not every winter mountaineering escapade needs to be ruined due to blurry, fogged-up vision. Honestly, it isn’t your fault. Heavy breathing in low temperatures and eyewear aren’t really a match made in heaven. See those pairs of shades you’ve packed up for your next trip. You might want to change them up for some glacier sunglasses. 


Now, what are these glacier glasses and why are they the best high-altitude sunglasses this winter season? We’ll answer that and loads more, so keep reading and get ready to hike without fogged-up glasses. 


How Do Glacier Glasses Help 


Glacier sunglasses typically refer to specialized eyewear designed for use in high-altitude and glacial environments. These glasses serve multiple purposes to protect your eyes from the harsh conditions found in snowy, icy, or glacial terrains you plan to visit during mountaineering or other winter activities.


So, how do these specific pairs of glasses help make your alpine trip better? Look at all the problems you can wave goodbye to once you put these beauties on.


Protection Against UV Rays  


Even when winter is right around the corner and the temperatures have started to drop, don’t expect UV rays to take a vacation. They're still there, and in most cases of alpine environments, they can be even more intense. Snow and ice may be pretty to look at but don’t forget that they're fantastic reflectors. The rays bounce off the snow, hitting your eyes from above and below. Long-term exposure to UV rays can cause all sorts of issues, from temporary discomfort like snow blindness to more serious problems like cataracts.


That's where the UV lenses in mountaineering glasses kick in to help you. These shades are created with special lenses that act as UV blockers. They're designed to deflect harmful UV rays before they reach your eyes, saving you from potential damage.


Prevents Snow Blindness


It starts with a sting, perhaps a tinge of grittiness, and that is when it all escalates—redness, pain, and your vision going a bit blurry. You won’t be able to see where you're stepping, which increases the risk of you slipping or falling.


Winter glasses are designed to block those blinding lights that bounce off the snow, thus preventing the onset of snow blindness. With their special lenses, they shield your eyes from intense glare, ensuring your vision stays clear. 


Ensures Comfortable Fit


Mountaineering glasses are designed to sit close to the face with side shields that block additional light all around.  This creates a blockade against the outside world. No gaps for light to sneak through and irritate your eyes, no openings for windblown particles to enter either.


A snug fit ensures that your sunglasses stay put, so no slipping and sliding around. Basically, glacier sunglasses give you a comfortable fit while ensuring that no distracting light or particles enter your eye from any side. 


Enhancing Visibility


Different tints in sunglasses play an important role in shaping how you perceive your surroundings in various lighting conditions. They fine-tune your vision, making it more comfortable and effective in different environments.


Choose a pair of glacier glasses with dark-tinted lenses for days when the sun's blazing bright. They help dial down that intense brightness and save you from squinting all day. If glare is an issue, you can opt for polarized lenses.  Polarized lenses are perfect for dealing with glare, especially that annoying reflection off the snow or ice. 


However, one thing to note is that polarized lenses do take away so much glare that it is hard to distinguish snow from ice.  Just make sure you know this so you don’t slip unknowingly on ice. 


Then, there are the lighter-tinted lenses which are the perfect choice for low-light or fluctuating light situations. These lenses work as contrast boosters, making things clearer and crisper when the sun's not at its prime. 


Adaptability With Surroundings 


While dark and light-tinted lenses can help make your surroundings more clear, it might be difficult to keep switching between two pairs of shades as you step out of sunlight or into it. So, will you compromise by keeping just one pair of glasses on? Absolutely not! 


Photochromatic lenses can adapt to whatever lighting situation you throw at them. Indoors or in low light, they lighten up to a slight tint so you can easily see in lower light conditions. But the moment you step into the sunlight, it darkens up and lowers the brightness of your surroundings. This adaptability ensures optimal vision across varying light intensities without having to switch lenses constantly.


Uncompromised Winter Vision With Glacial Glasses


Here's the deal: going on a snowy escapade without the right eye gear? That's like taking a gamble with the comfort and safety of your eyes. Without the proper protection, it's not just about discomfort—it's a potential safety hazard. Snow blindness, intense glare, or those pesky snow particles invading your eyes? That's the last thing you want when you're in the middle of a mountaineering adventure.


Having the right eye gear isn't just an option—it's a necessity. It's not just about checking out another pair of shades; it's about ensuring your eyes are prepped for the adventure of a lifetime. 


So, why gamble with your vision? Take a peek at Sporteyes' mountaineering glasses and gear up for a snowy escapade where your eyes are the true champions of the frosty landscape. After all, every snowflake deserves a partner in adventure! Crafted to perfection, they're like the guardians for your eyes, equipped with UV protection, glare-reducing magic, and a fit that keeps those sneaky snow particles at bay.

08 Feb 2024

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