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Why Eyewear Should Be in Every Man's Toolkit

Eyewear should be in every man's toolkit for three reasons. First, it encourages men to take better care of their eyes, which is a valuable resource that can be used for a number of different tasks. Second, many projects require, or at least encourage, eyewear for safety purposes. Finally, intentionally making room in a toolkit for eyewear shows that the man using them has put forethought into the tools of his trade.


Taking Care of Your Eyes


Including eyewear in a toolkit encourages men to take care of their eyes. Protective eyewear, such as sunglasses, can help men maintain and care for their eyes by limiting the amount of light that gets into their eyes. If too much light gets in, a man will not be able to see the project he is working on and will be much more likely to make a mistake or have an accident. For example, a man blinded by the sun can't see a dangerous situation, like a nail sticking up out of a board.


Projects That Call for It


Eyewear is generally in every construction worker's PPE, so there isn't anything unmanly about it. Depending on the construction site, there might be blinding sparks or wood chips flying around, which can endanger workers’ eyes. Protective eyewear, such as goggles, is a legal requirement in this situation. Even if you aren't working professionally, protective eyewear is a must for your safety and that of those working with you. Eyes are fragile, and it isn’t worth risking damaging the only two you have.


Making Space


Including protective eyewear and other safety equipment in a toolkit means you remembered to plan. This is a great start and makes storing your eyewear that much easier. You can either store your eyewear at the top of your toolkit or in a specially designed hard case. If you store your eyewear at the top, your first reach when you open the kit will be for safety. However, eyewear might slide around the toolkit, sustaining damage in the process and, thus, lowering the benefits of using it. Alternatively, you can store your eyewear in a protective case designed to hold it in place, like a glasses case for a pair of sunglasses.


In short, eyewear should be in every man's toolkit because they provide one way for him to be safe and productive when working on a project or a job. Every toolkit should have space for eyewear, either at the top or in a specialized case. Most projects benefit from protective eyewear, and many legally require them. Finally, protective eyewear ensures that your eyes will continue to be useful for a long time to come.


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27 Mar 2023

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