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 Bolle sunglasses and goggles


Table of Contents:

Sunglass Features

Bolle Lens Colors  

Bolle Authentic Prescription Program


Bolle Sunglass Features:

Phantom Lenses:  A combination of 3 advanced technologies that revolutionize how you see your environment.  Made with NXT material for enhanced definition and a molecular photochromic filter that adapts to all light conditions.  Also, a high contrast filter improves color and depth perception.

B20.3 Polycarbonate lenses:  Sunglasses should protect you from more than just the sun. That's why our polycarbonate lenses are made from lightweight, premium-grade resin that's 20 times more impact resistant than glass--and three times lighter.

Polarization:  Light ray from the sun vibrate and radiate in all directions.  And when the vibrations are reflected, scattered or refracted, the light becomes polarized. Our polarized lenses compensate for this occurrence by eliminating glare and visual discomfort.


Btoric Lenses:  This unique lens closely conforms to the contour of the face while maximizing peripheral vision, providing both comfort and protection from UV rays, dust and wind.  Available on Warrant, Witness and Faze. 

Optics Control System:  Different conditions demand different lenses.  Our interchangeable lens system give you the flexibility to match the lens to the conditions.  Available on Shift, Warrant, Traverse, Swiftkick, Parole and Vigilante.

Anti-Reflective Coating:  Glare not only comes from the front of lenses, it can also be a problem inside of your sunglasses.  to counter that, we put a scientifically engineered coating on the backside of most of our lenses to reduce eyestrain. 

ANSI Standards:  All of our lenses exceed ANSI requirements for UV protection, impact-resistance and optical clarity. 

BTru Rx Program:  Many Bolle sunglasses are available with prescription lenses.  Get the style and performance you need, along with our patented 8-base lens and authentic lens tints and technology. 

Microfusion:  A lot of the unique shapes on our metal frame sunglasses can be attributed to Microfusion. Exclusive to Bolle, this manufacturing process injects molten metal alloys into custom molds, giving us highly precise frame styling and design.  This process is also used on our machine-stamped and hand-finished frames. 

B88 Frames:  By only using the finest  grade nylon available, we're able to manufacture frames that are extremely strong, yet lightweight and flexible. 

Wire Core Temple Tips:  Adjustable wire core temple tips help increase comfort by letting you customize your fit.  Available on select styles. 

Spring Hinges:  Integrated spring hinges are designed to exacting standards, giving you just the right amount of tension on your temples for a secure and comfortable fit. 

Adjustable Nose Pads:  Can be tailored to fit your nose perfectly, keeping the frame securely on your face.  Available on select styles. 

Thermogrip:  Rubber temples and nose pads with moisture-absorbing properties give you solid yet adhesion at all times.

 Bolle frame technology

Bolle Base Curve

Bolle Lens Information*

b-20.3 Polycarbonate Lens Material:  Our polycarbonate lenses are made from premium grade resin, resulting in a lens that is 20 times more impact resistant than glass and three times lighter, with unrivaled precision and clarity.  Available in polarized and no-polarized.  Carbo Glas coating protects lenses on both sides of the lens, giving you the protection you need from scratches and other damage.  On Polarized Marine styles, a backside Anti-Reflective coating is applied to prevent light from bouncing back directly into the eyes.  

b-Clear Lens Material:  Offer unrivaled optical quality.  Lighter than polycarbonate, these lenses allow for larger designs and fuller coverage giving you enhanced protection from the elements without the added weight that can slow you down.  Optically precise:  Whether you're on the bike, the track or the trail, crystal clear vision is the key to performing at your best.  With glass-like clarity, b-clear lenses dramatically enhance your ability to see what's coming at you.  Remarkable impact resistance and protection:  b-Clear lenses not only protect you from harmful UV rays, they're built for maximum impact resistance, making sure debris doesn't harm you or hamper your performance. &nbsp

Bolle Sunglass Lens Color Descriptions

Bolle Phantom Lens


Bolle Sunglass Lenses


Bolle Sunglass Lenses


Bolle Sunglass Lenses


Bolle Sunglass Lenses

Note: all lens colors may not be available in all frame styles.


Bolle Ski Goggle Colors

Note:  Not all colors may be available for all styles.

Bolle Ski Goggle Lenses Phantom 1
Bolle Ski Goggle Lenses Phantom 2

Bolle Ski lenses
Bolle Ski Lens 2 

 Prescription Lens Technology:

What B-Thin active design is about?


B-Thin active design is the combination of the last cutting edge technologies:

•       Software using most advanced algorithms to create customized design at the backside of the lens.

•       Compensated power technology.

•       Freeform surfacing technology.

•       Largest semi-finished lenses 80mm with decentration up to 9mm.

The B-Thin active design lenses have an optical area at the center, followed by a transition zone up to the edge portion.


Bolle RX lens technology 



Originally developed for the most demanding Bollé athletes, B-Thin active design allows 99% of the wearers to get the best of the optical technology:


•       Precision: Premium optical clarity

•       Protection: Sun and aerodynamic (base 8)

•       Security: Best impact resistance

•       Comfort: Lightness and equilibrium


 Bolle Prescription benefits

Benefits for the wearer


The cells of the retina consist of 5% cones and 95% rods

Cones : in the center part of the retina, allows the vision of colors and sharpness (max of acuity).

Rods : in the side area, allows scotopic vision (low light conditions) with weak acuity. Very important in the perception of movement coming from the side.(dynamic activities).

The maximum of acuity is located at the center of the Macula. Above 12°, the acuity falls quickly.

 Considering the low peripheral acuity, we turn the head to look at an object beyond a zone of +/-15 °.

B-Thin active design respects perfectly the binoculaire vision.

B-Thin active design requires all the competency of the optician.



This is why the algorithm of calculation allowing to surface the transition zone was the object of deepened researches so as to protect the continuity of the vision (no gap of image) by taking into account the retinal acuity and the release of the movement of the head.


Wearers statistics

The regular RX programs offer solutions of 85% of the prescription wearers, B-Thin active design enlarge the potential to 99%.

B-Thin active design : The widest prescription range on 8 base frame in the World.


Available in 2 versions

  • Polycarbonate
  • All Trivex RX include Backside AR coating for ultimate performance

Two Progressive Options:


 Bolle Progressive lens technology


19 references of tints

•       Non-polarized

•       Polarized

•       Photochromic Modulator®

•       Tints shades from category from 0 to 4

•       Option on polycarbonate : Backside AR, anti-scratch, hydrophobic, hard coated




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Let all the latest information on Events, Sales, and Offers.