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A Sight For Sport Eyes

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All Gargoyles lenses guard your eyes with 100% UVA, B and C protection. 

Gargoyles lenses focus on these things:


Sunglasses have a job to do and blocking the sun is only the beginning. Gargoyles sunglasses don't just shield your eyes. They provide sharp contrasts and accurate depth perception, so you can see what you're supposed to see and your day can continue without interruption. Every detail of our lens design and execution is geared toward improved optics and better vision.

Lens Structure

A good lens isn't just made - it's crafted. At Gargoyles, our Z87.1+-rated lenses are made of ballistic-designed, high-index polycarbonate for incredible strength without added weight. From there, they're optimized and treated to reduce glare while enhancing protection. The result is a lens of unparalleled quality and durability.



No matter how good they look, sunglasses aren't worth much if they can't protect your eyes. All Gargoyles lenses meet or exceed US and ANSI regulations and standards for UVA, UVB and UVC protection and the Z87.1+-rated products’ impact resistance is ballistic tested. They're designed to provide optimal coverage and block ancillary light. With Gargoyles, your eyes aren't just protected - they're shielded.



Lens Color Descriptions

Green:  The Gargoyles trademark Green Lens provides the wearer with a unique balance of target and background brightness. Designed for the Field of Play, the Gargoyles Green Lens helps you locate and track objects in motion against a variety of outdoor backgrounds including Earth, sky and water.

Our green field of play lens has a transmission which is tailored to accommodate playing field sports and outdoor activities where tracking objects in motion is critical. The Green Lens controls low-level blue light while the middle range of light is selectively manipulated to provide optimum visual stimulation and distinctive object illumination.

 Polarized:  All Gargoyles Polarized lenses absorb horizontally polarized light to eliminate glare. Glare is simply a blinding concentration of light reflected off surfaces like asphalt, sand, water, snow or ice. Glare impedes vision hampers concentration and can lead to problems such as headaches and eye fatigue.



Let all the latest information on Events, Sales, and Offers.


Let all the latest information on Events, Sales, and Offers.