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Julbo Lens Color Description



Sunglass Lens Colors                         Ski Goggle Lens Colors





Picture of color Color Lens Material Recommended uses: Tips for use and treaments % of visible light transmission Protection Index
Julbo Sunglasses Lenses Alti-Arc 4 Alti Arc 4 ARC Mineral Glass  Mountain, water and bright sun. Not recommended for driving. High altitude/Bright sun--cannot be used driving Anti-reflection treatment and Active Brown-out and Flash Mirror 7% 4
Julbo Spectron 0 Lenses Spectron 0 Clear Sight Polycarbonate  Cloudy Conditions low light 91% 0
Julbo Sunglasses lenses Spectron 3 Spectron 3+  Polycarbonate  Mountain, water, bright sun.  Light yet offering good shock resistance, this multipurpose lens is suitable for all types of activity.  Protection category: 3.  Smoked or brown tint + mirror (mirror color varies by style) Sunny. Flash finish. 12% 2
Julbo Sunglass lenses Spectron 4 Spectron 4 Polycarbonate  Mountain, water, bright sun. Not recommended for driving. Cat. 4 lens with flash finish and AR coating. Recommended for all sports where sunlight is exceptionally bright.  Anti-reflective coating: reduces eyestrain by eliminating reflective glare.  Flash finish: improves filtration of visible light by applying a mirror effect to the lens. Blocks sunlight and increases the filter effect. Brown tint: accentuates relief.  High altitude/sunny.  Anti-fog coating (except on baby version).  Flash finish. 5% 4
Julbo Spectron X4 Lenses Polarized 3/3+ Polycarbonate  Mountain, water and bright sun. Suitable for all types of sea or mountain sport, eliminating glare on all surfaces. Smoked or brown tint. High altitude/sunny--Flash treament on 3+ lenses 12%
11% (3+)
Julbo Sunglass lenses Reactiv 0-3 REACTIV Performance 0-3   Photochromic (NTS) + Anti-fog Coating + Oil-repellent coating (external side) Good for mountain, water, sun and night Varies (8 to 85%) 0 to 3
Julbo Sunglasses lenses Reactiv 1-3 REACTIV Performance 1-3 (Zebra Light) NXT Photochromic (NTS) + Anti-fog Coating + Oil-repellent coating (external side) Good for moutains, water, sun Varies (17 to 75%) 1 to 3
Julbo Zebra Lenses REACTIV Performance 2-4 (Zebra) NXT mountain biking, trail biking, running, climbing, skiing, riding and other outdoor sports.
Not recommended for driving. Wide photochromic range (cat.2 to 4). > Fast activation speed: changes from category 2 to 4 in 22 seconds. > SHR (Super High Reactive): the lens is even more reactive and gets lighter faster. > Exceptional anti-fog coating: no condensation, maximum longevity. > External oil-repellent coating: prevents marking. > Gold/brown tint: excellent light receptivity and protection.
High altitude/sunny--Photochromic (light changing). Antifog treated.  The Zebra® photochromic lens darkens or lightens depending on the light’s intensity. Anti-fog coating. Varies (7 to 42%) 2 to 4
Julbo Zebra Light REACTIV Performance 1-3 (Zebra Light Red) NXT Photochromic: the lens gets darker or lighter to match changing light conditions (cat. 1 to 3) whatever the temperature. - > Exceptional anti-fog coating: no condensation, maximum longevity. -> External oil-repellent coating: prevents marking and facilitates water runoff. -> Red tint: accentuates contrast for better reading of the terrain. -> Blue flash effect when activated. Cat. 1 to 3 photochromic, anti-fog lens. Adapts to different light conditions throughout the day by accentuating contrast of the terrain. Recommended for mountain biking, Nordic skiing, trail running, etc. Varies (13% to 72%) 1 to 3
Julbo Camel Lenses REACTIV High Mountain 2-4 (Cameleon) NXT Active sports.  Mountain, desert and snow. Cannot be used driving.   Cat. 2 to 4 photochromic lens. > Polarized: eliminates glare for better reading of relief. > NTS: Non Temperature Sensitive: reaction times are not temperature-dependent. > Exceptional anti-fog coating: no condensation, maximum longevity. > External oil-repellent coating: prevents marking. > Brown tint: accentuates relief.  High altitude/sunny--Photochromic (light changing). and polarized.  Brown based for increased contrast.  Anti-fog treated.  Cannot be used driving Varies (5 to 20%) 2 to 4
Julbo Octopus lenses REACTIV Nautic 2-3 (Octopus) NXT Water sports. Cannot be used driving. Photochromic (light changing) and polarized. Gray based for neutral color perception.  Water shedding hydrophobic coating.  Oil repellant makes it easier to clean and doesn't get fingerprints.  Varies (5 to 20%)

2 to 4



Designed for athletes and all types of terrain in any conditions, REACTIV photochromic transitional lens technology offers crystal clear optics and quickly adjusts to the prevailing light conditions for ultra-accurate vision, whatever the weather. With more than 130 years of development and experimentation in the most demanding sports, our REACTIV lenses offer the best photochromic optics on the market. With the widest photochromic range and fastest reaction time, there's nothing that beats our REACTIV lenses.

Manufactured using casting technology, they benefit from photochromic treatment throughout the body of the lens and we guarantee each lens with our a lifetime warranty. They offer outstanding performance in all technical criteria: reactivity speed, photochromic range, lens color, efficiency of the polarizing filter and special coatings to meet specific needs. REACTIV market-leading technology has resulted in 5 lenses adapted to different sports, and they can also be used in Rxtrem prescription sunglasses.

Optimum qualities for an organic lens while benefiting from a mineral glass manufacturing technique (very low-temperature casting). Its transparency and stability over time are exceptional (no cracking). It is ultra light, unbreakable and solvent-resistant.



Anti-fog > prevents condensation and garantees maximum longevity.

Anti-reflective > reduces eyestrain and eliminates interference glare.

Brunishing > improved filtration of visible light

Flash finish > improved filtration of visible light by producing a mirror effect on the lens.

Water-repellent > makes water slide over the lens and prevents hydrogen bonds forming between water molecules. Visibility is improuved

Oil-repellent coating > prevents finger marks, makes water slide over the lens and cleaning easier.

All Julbo lenses belong to optical class 1 and guarantee protection from UV A, B ans C rays.

Julbo Reactiv lens chart 1

Julbo Reactiv Lens Chart 2



  • Just one pair of goggles with a single lens that you can wear whatever the weather
  • Constant protection against the sun's UVA, B and C rays.
  • Permanent viewing comfort despite changes in light intensity


  • The greatest reactivity for adapting to changes in light: Activation between 20 to 30 seconds
  • high photochromic lenses ranging from category 1 to 3, 2 to 3 or 2 to 4. 
  • A wide choice in terms of colours and performance: 5 lenses available: 
  • excellent optical quality:  NXT lens®
  • a life-time warranty for the photochromic function


Reactiv Performance 2-4

Julbo Reactiv 2-4 lensesR

Reactiv Performance 1-3

Julbo Reactiv Lenses 1-3

Reactiv High Mountain

Julbo Reaciv High Mountain lenses

Reactiv All Around

Julbo Lenses Reactiv All Around

Julbo Reactiv 0-4 HC lenses

Julbo goggle lens colors

Lens Color Picture Lens Name Features Light Transmission Category
  Spectron 0 Cat. 0 polycarbonate double or single lens. - Night use or very low light conditions in winter. - Use for summer sports such as mountain biking. - Anti-fog coating. - With or without flash finish. 90% 0
  Spectron 1 Cat. 1 polycarbonate double lens for low light conditions or protection in summer sports. - Anti-fog coating. - Available with or without flash finish. 49% 1
  Spectron 2 Cat. 2 single or double polycarbonate lens for use in mid-range light conditions / whiteout days. - Anti-fog coating. - Available with or without flash finish.   2
  Spectron 3 Cat. 3 polycarbonate lens. Use in moderate to full sun, or in all outdoor activities in good conditions. - Anti-fog coating. - Available with or without flash finish.   3
  Spectron 4 Cat. 4 polycarbonate lens. Use in total sunlight and conditions with strong glare. - Anti-fog coating. - Available with or without flash finish. 5% 4



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Let all the latest information on Events, Sales, and Offers.