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Sunglass Lens Colors            Ski Goggle Lens Colors

Spy Sunglass Lens Colors:

Spy Hapy Lens technology

Spy Lens Technology

Note: not all colors available in all frames.

With Happy Lenses you can:
See better with superior color & contrast enhancement and distortion free ARC lenses. 

Feel Better:  Lets "good" rays in, "bad" rays stay out. Uplifts mood and alertness. 

Perform better:  Relaxes eyes to reduce fatigue and easily distinguish changes in the terrain.

Lens Color Sample Lens Name Lighting Conditions  Description
Spy Happy Lens Polarized Happy Bronze     Increases contrast and color, providing comfort in a wide range of conditions.  For fishing, driving and everyday outdoor activities.
 Spy Purple Spectra Lens Purple Spectra  Bright  
 Spy Lens Blue Spectra Polarized Bronze Blue Spectra  Bright  Good for ocean fishing and other water activities like boating, kayaking and SUP.
 Spy Lens Red Spectra Red Spectra  Bright  
 Spy Green Spectra Lens Green Spectra  Bright  
 Spy Photochromic Brown lenses Bronze Photochromic  Varing (low to bright)  
 Spy Bronze Silver Mirror lens Polarized Happy Bronze Black Mirror  Bright  
 Spy Lens Gray Silver Gray Silver Mirror  Bright  
 Spy Gray Lenses Gray  Bright  
 Spy Polarized Gray lenses Polarized Gray  Bright  
Spy Rose Lens Rose Medium  
Spy Clear Lens Clear Low  
Spy Yellow Lens Yellow Low  
Spy Lens Happy Green Spectra Happy Bronze Green Spectra Bright  Good for golfing, inland fishing or any activity done on lakes, rivers or streams.
Spy Bronze Lens Bronze Bright  
  Happy Gray Green Polarized Bright For driving and every day activities where high contrast is needed. 

Goggle Lens Colors

Lens Pic Lens Color Description Light Conditions Filter Category Visual Light Transmission
 Happy Bronze Ski Lens Happy Bronze Sunny S3  15.2% 
Happy Bronze Blue Spectra Ski Lens Happy Bronze Blue Spectra Sunny S3 14.8%
Spy Happy Bronze Green Spectra Happy Bronze Green Spectra Sunny S3 11.8%
Spy Happy Bronze Black Mirror Ski Lens Happy Bronze Black Mirror Sunny S3 15.2%
Spy Happy Rose Blue Spectra Ski Lens Happy Rose Blue Spectra Cloudy S2 49.5%
Spy Happy Persimmon Silver Mirror Ski Lens Happy Persimmon Silver Mirror Cloudy S2 49.5%
Spy Happy Persimmon Ski Lens Happy Persimmon Flat S1 70.2%
Spy Bronze Silver Mirror Lens Bronze with Silver Mirror                            Sunny S3 11.7%
Spy Bronze with Gold Mirror Bronze with Gold Mirror Sunny S3 11.7%
Spy Bronze with Red Spectra Bronze with Red Spectra Sunny S3 20.7%
Spy Bronze with Green Spectra Bronze with Green Spectra Sunny S3 22.5%
Spy Bronze Lens Bronze Sunny S3 25.2%
Spy Pink with Silver Mirror Lens Pink with Silver Mirror Mixed Light S2 29.25%
Spy Pink Contrast Lens Pink Contact

Mixed Light

S2 30.6%
Spy Pink Lens Pink Mixed Light S2 32.4%
spy Blue Contrast Lens Blue Contact Mixed Light S2 49.5%
Spy Persimmon Contact Persimmon Contact Mixed Light S2 49.5%
Spy Yellow Green Spectra Lens Yellow with Green Spectra Flat Light S1 52.2%
 Spy yellow contact lens  Yellow Contact  Flat Light S1   54%
Spy Persimmon Lens Persimmon Flat Light S1 53.1%
Spy Yellow Lens Yellow Flat Light S1 70.2%
Spy Clear Contact Clear Contact Night S1 80%
Spy Clear Lens Clear Night S1 82.8%



Let all the latest information on Events, Sales, and Offers.


Let all the latest information on Events, Sales, and Offers.