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Wiley-X Lens Colors and Descriptions

At Wiley X, we produce our lenses using the precise amount of dyes in the manufacturing process eliminating eye fatigue and strain.  Our lenses block 100% UV rays, are made of a shatterproof, selenite polycarbonate, and far exceed ANSI Z87.1 and Z80.3 safety standards.  We then formulate and die cut each lens to the maximum density and thickness creating one of the strongest lenses available, while still maintaining distortion free clarity.  These features, combined with a wide selection of performance enhancing tints, work together to provide the ultimate in eye protection without optical compromise.

Wiley X is redefining color by introducing our all-new, patented Captivate™ technology. Captivate™ lenses filter out ambiguous light, increasing clarity and definition with vibrant contrast and vivid detail. Offered in multiple lens colors to provide situation-specific benefits in variable light conditions. Captivate™ lenses block UV/HEV rays and meet ANSI Z87.1 and EN.166 safety standards for unparalleled protection.

Wiley-X Captivate lenses

Captivate lenses sample

Wiley-X Captivate Polarized lenses

Our proprietary Filter 8™ polarized lens technology filters light to reduce glare and block reflective light. It includes two Slick™ hydrophobic coatings, two Selenite™ polycarbonate lenses, two T-Shell™ scratch-resistant layers, one Violet 4™ anti-reflective coating, and a Filter 8™ polarized film layer that creates 100% polarization and gives you 100% UV protection.

Wiley-X Captivate Polarized Blue Captivate Polarized Blue Mirror:  Cuts glare from severe sunlight and excels in uncovered environments that are typically associated with saltwater fishing.  Light Transmission 10%
Wiley-X Captivate Polarized Red MIrror Captivate Polarized Red Mirror:  Elevates greens while providing maximum shade.  Keeps colors true.  Great for deep water fishing to cut top-water glare and severe sunlight.  Excels in environments associated with salt water fishing.  Light Transmission:  13%
Wiley-X Captivate Polarized Gray Captivate Polarized Gray:  Darkes the light while brightening the world!  Provides maximum shade while enhancing contrasts of green, blues and yellows.  Great for general daytime uses.  Light Transmission 13%.
Wiley-X Captivate Polarized Rose Gold Captivate Polarized Rose Gold Mirror:  High performance on slightly cloudy/overcast days.  Further ehances while providing a true color experience.  Great for outdoor activities on bright days.  Light Transmission: 15%
Wiley-X Captivate Polarized Platinum Captivate Polarized Platinum Flash: Glare reduction across all environments.  Further enhances contrast while providing a true color experience.  Great for outdoor activities on bright days.  Light transmission:  13%
Wiley-X Captivate Polarized Brown Captivate Polarized Bronze Mirror:  Cuts down on glare making it perfect for sight fishing in shallow water, red clay, or brackish water.  Also a good option for outdoor activities like baseball, golf and cycling.  Light transmission:  15%
Captivate Polarized Green Captivate Polarized Green Mirror:  High contrast tint enhances clarity in blue colors and differentiating greens/browns.  Provides enhanced sight while fishing on flats, rivers and streams.  Light transmission:  12%
Wiley-X Captivate Polarized Copper Captivate Polarized Copper:  High contrast tint that equalizes the environment.  Red, green and yellow color enhancer.  Cuts down glare making it perfect for sight fishing.  Light transmission:  16%

 Wiley-X Filter 8 Polarized lenses

Wiley-X Smoke Lenses Smoke Grey/Filter 8 Polarized Gray Lenses:  Great for general purpose use.  These lenses will provide maximum glare reduction without distorting colors.  Ideal for most activities and sports where glare is a major factor. Light transmission: 15 to 20% depending on the style.  12% WX Abby, 11% Polarized.
Wiley-X Light Adjusting Lenses LA (Light Adjusting Smoke Grey Lenses:  Darken on bright sunny days to shield the eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays. On overcast days or at night, the lenses adjust to clear for perfect optical clarity. Now you don't have to stop to interchange lenses.  This new technology is also produced using shatterproof polycarbonate. This is much safer than the old photochromic lens technology that use glass or CR-39, as it can shatter if struck by a rock while riding.  We've also incorporated our Emerald 4™ anti-reflective coatings to eliminate back-lit glare from the sun truly giving the wearer the most functional riding lens available.  Light Transmission 85% to 17% (in sunlight)  Works outdoors only, not in a car.
Wiley-X Clear Lenses Clear as Crystal Lenses:  Allow maximum light transmission without changing the value of the colors.  The clear choice for indoor shooting, industrial use, medical/dental use, night driving or any activity where protection is the major objective. Light transmission: 89%
Wiley-X Smoke Green Lenses Smoke Green/Filter 8 Polarized Green Lenses:  Great for general purpose use.  These lenses will provide maximum glare reduction without distorting colors.  Ideal for most activities and sports where glare is a major factor. Light transmission: 21%, 17% Polarized
Wiley-X Replacement Lens Bronze Bronze Brown/Filter 8 Polarized Brown Lenses:  Offer superior visual definition and glare reduction in bright light conditions.  Overall it is the most suitable lens to sharpen and enhance ground level contours.  Versatile lens is good for golfing, biking, hiking, shoot sporting and driving.   Great choice for golf, baseball, snow sports, and sport shooting.  Light Transmission:  20%, 19% on Bronze Flash (Crimson Brown) 19% on Silver Flash (Bronze), and 13% on Polarized Bronze.  
Wiley-X Polarized yellow Polarized Yellow:  For greatest clarity in low-light conditions.  Ideal for fishing, hunting and other outdoor sports.  Light Transmission:  30%
Wiley-X Replacement Lens Light Rust Light Rust:  Filter out blue light waves which are the chief components of glare and haze. These lenses provide contrast enhancements in medium to low light conditions.  Great lens for any time of day or light condition but especially effective on hazy or overcast roads. Light transmission: 53%
 Wiley-X Silver Flash Lenses Silver Mirror:  Darkest lens in the Wiley-X line.  Designed for bright conditions. Provides maximum glare reduction without distorting colors.  Ideal in bright sun where glare is a major factor. Excellent tint for beaches, fishing, general purpose and water sport applications.  Multi-coat, Z-Oxide mirror over smoke lenses.   Light transmisson: 12%, Polarized 10%.
 Wiley-X Replacement Lens Blue Mirror  Blue Mirror/Filter 8 Polarized Blue Mirror: Designed to enhance visual acuity. Excellent color for sight fishing. Great everyday lens tint with blue mirror coating over green lenses. Ideal in bright conditions.  Good for open water.  Light Transmission: 11%
 Wiley-X Replacement Lenses Emerald  Emerald Green Mirror (Amber base)/Filter 8 Polarized Emerald Mirror:   An amber tinted lens under an emerald green multi-coat mirror surface that is specifically designed to amplify color contrast and deliver high visual definition.  Excellent for water sports, beaches and offshore fishing.  Great everyday lens tint that is soft on the eyes.  Increases details of objects where polarization is needed most.  Light transmission:  12% Polarized.
Wiley-X Platinum Flash Lenses Vermilion Lenses:  Best for medium to low light conditions.  Sharpens contrast and brightens targets.  Light transmission:  50%
Wiley-X Platinum Flash Lenses Platinum Flash (Green base)/Filter 8 Polarized Platinum Flash:  Multi-coat Z-Oxide mirror over smoke green lenses provides maximum glare reduction without distorting colors.  Great for general daytime use.  Light transmission:  13% 
Wiley-X Crimson lenses Crimson Mirror/Filter 8 Polarized Crimson Mirror:    Smoke gray base. Excellent for constant sun/very bright conditios.  Ideal mirror for driving, snowboarding, skiing, etc. Reduces glare and improves contrast.  Light transmission: 16%
Wiley-X Venice Gold Mirror Venice Gold Mirror/Filter 8 Venice Gold Mirror:  Amber base lenses are great for sunny conditions.  Polarized version is ideal for fishing in shallow water and target shooting.  Light transmission:  12%
Wiley-X Polarized Amber Amber/Filter 8 Polarized Amber:  Greatly reduces high energy visible light and haze while enhancing contrast and depth perception. Ideal for low light/cloudy days.  Light transmission: 13%
Wiley X Copper lenses Copper:  Superior visual definition.  Makes orange-colored targets stand out. Light transmission:  12%
Wiley-X Pale Yellow lenses Pale Yellow:  Best light enhancing lens tint.  Enhance contrast in low to extremely low light conditions, haze, etc.  Light transmission: 86%.
Wiley-X Vermilion lenses Vermilion:  Best for medium to low light conditions.  Sharpens contrast and brightens targets. Ideal for water activities, skiing and extreme sports.  Light transmission: 50%
Wiley-X Purple lenses Purple:  Best for medium to low light conditions. Sharpens contrast.  LIght transmission: 38%


Wiley-X Polarized lenses






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Let all the latest information on Events, Sales, and Offers.