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Best protection against blue light!

Photochromic lenses or brown / amber based lenses are the best protection against blue light damage, while still allowing good blue light in.

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Bugz Sight Shield

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Bugz Sight Shield Information

In the woods, SIGHT SHIELD large particle goggles, protect the workers’ eyes from flying debris due to chainsaws, chippers or heavy equipment. The revolutionary SIGHT SHIELD goggle combines tough polycarbonate foam with a steel mesh lens that protects the eyes effectively without fogging. The molded polycarbonate frame is constructed to match the bone structure of the face. This provides a comfortable goggle, that gives a complete seal and can be worn comfortably for hours. The stainless steel, rust resistant, lenses are available in three mesh sizes that apply to whatever kind of work you are performing. Steel Mesh allows the worker excellent vision without the threat of fogging. Plus, it allows better air circulation for a cooler working environment. Provide your workers with an eye protection, that they will be happy to wear. The Sight Shield is a protective goggle. The Sight Shield DOES NOT pass ANSI Z.87 standards for safety goggles.

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