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Hilco Product Information and Lens Technology

hilco swim goggles

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hilco sports goggles


ASTM Rated Sports Goggles  Sports Goggles    
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Hilco Product Information: 

Hilco Sports goggles        ASTM Rated Sports Goggles (Leader Brand)

ASTM rated sports goggles available with prescription meet the safety standards for all ball and stick sports.  Patented SprinGuard lens retention system out-performs standard "V" safety bevels.


  • ASTM F803 is the recognized standard for RX and plano protective sports eyewear.  In fact, a NJ law mandates that RX eyewear worn during organized youth sports activities meet ASTM F803 standard.
  • Many products marketed for sports eye protection do not meet ASTM F803 standard.  
  • Some sports eyewear labeling references the ANSI Z87 industrial standard for eyewear, a standard that specifically excludes sports eyewear.  
  • ASTM F803 is sports specific.  Testing protocols simulate the hazards of particular sports activities.  Product labeling must define the sport(s) for which the protector was designed for.
  • ASTM F803 testing protocols exist for many popular sports activities, but not for all.
  • Not every ASTM F803 standard can be met with available RX eye protectors (55, 70, and 85mph baseball are examples)
  • When selecting an eye protector, assure that it meets the ASTM F803 standard for the sport(s) that is most applicable, or a sport with similar risks.
  • For maximum eye protection, 3mm polycarbonate lenses are recommended.

Hilco ASTM rated sports goggles pass F803 standard for the following sports:

Basketball, squash, tennis, racquetball, soccer (note Jam'n S size doesn't pass for tennis only).


 Leader Swim Goggles    Hilco Swim Goggles           

Modular goggles assembled in just seconds, or pre-assembled non-prescription goggle. You can pick different prescription powers for each eye, (certain models) and if your prescription changes, you can change one or both lenses without having to purchase another goggle.  Lenses offer 100% protection, so they can be used indoors

hilco dive masks   Leader Dive Masks

These lightweight innovative masks provides an excellent field of vision. It's versatility is suitable for either snorkeling or diving.  Comes with Rx adapter. Adjustable head strap. Available in 2 sizes:  adult and junior.  90 day warranty.


Leader Ski Goggles         Hilco Ski Goggles

All styles availalble with a prescription adapter. Designed to comfortably fit over glasses.  Moveable side hinge provides optimum fit over helmet.  Anti-fog dual lens system prevents fogging.  

Hilco Sunglasses   Leader Sunglasses

Wrap-around sunglasses that offer stylish, lightweight Rx-able sun protection with superior optics. Great for high prescriptions.  Ideal for running, biking, golfing, fishing, and any other non-contact outdoor sports activity.  Scratch resistant, polycarbonate lenses.  100% UV protection. Does not meet ASTM sports standard.  Smart optical solution to the price barriers and optical limitations of 8 base wrap sunglasses. Combines great wrap styling, affordable frame pricing and a designt that delivers superior optics and low cost of standard lens processing.  8 base plano polarized polycarbonate (optional) lenses covert any style to performance plano sunglasses--the perfect solution for contact lens wearers. 

OnGuard Industrial Safety Glasses    Onguard safety eyewear

Hilco brand Leader OnGuard Industrial Safety Eyewear meets ANSI Z87-2 and Canadian CSZ Z94.3 standards for industrial or occupational uses

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