Kaenon Sunglasses Brand and Lens Technology Information

Currently, Kaenon will not let us sell online on this site.  It can only be sold in store only or by phone.  Please call or come into the store to purchase these. Below is for informational purposes only.


Kaenon Polarized Product Information: 

Look deep into the soul of Kaenon®.
Some revolutions are not begun with a bang or a shout. Some revolutions quietly appeal to the senses, the intellect and even the soul.  They are born out of constant thought and intense passion to effect change and to drive progress.  At Kaenon® polarized, we strive to evolve our world optically.  This pursuit has led us to create the most advanced polarized lens technology on the planet.  So its no wonder that our revolution begins not with a mindless shout, but an intelligent whisper. 

The Next Generation of Polarized Lens Technology™
Discover a revolutionary new lens material--Kaenon Polarized SR-91®.  It's made of neither glass nor polycarbonate but a completely new polarized lens material that combines the best properties of both--the superior optical quality of the finest glass lenses and the lighter weight and stronger impact resistances of the best polycarbonate lenses. 
With an entire range of specially designed lens tints and proprietary Light Transmission Levels™, the SR-91 lens can be customized to perform in any weather condition, activity and time of day.
Razor sharp clarity. Ultra-lightweight. Impact-resistant. Precisely customized.  In short, SR-91 is the most advanced polarized lens available.

Tested by world-class athletes and adventurers in the harshest environments, Kaenon Polarized invites you to see for yourself. Look in the revolutionary Soul of Kaenon, and you'll find the next generation of polarized lens technology. Kaenon Polarized®.  Evolve Optically.

Kaenon SR91 Lens Technology

Kaenon Polarized SR-91®.
Not Glass. Not polycarbonate. Not CR-39.
Introducing Kaenon Polarized SR-91®, a revolutionary new lens material that takes polarized technology to the next level.  SR-91 is not made of glass, polycarbonate, or CR-39, but a radically new polarized lens material invented by our engineers.  While filtering out all harmful UV and blue light, SR-91 combines the highest optical quality of the finest glass lenses with the ultra-light weight and strong impact resistance of the best polycarbonate lenses.  Glass lenses provide high optical acuity, but they're heavy and can shatter.  On the other hand, polycarbonate lenses are light and impact resistant, but their optical clarity is relatively poor.

Polarized lens comparison (left).  Top: polycarbonate. Middle: Glass.  Bottom: Kaenon Polarized.  Colts Laboratories, an independent testing facility has certified Kaenon Polarized SR-91 lenses with an optical acuity and clarity rating of 40 lines of resolution--the highest possible score in the definition and resolving power category of the stringent US government testing standard, ANSI Z.87.1. Colts also found that SR-91 exceed the high-mass impact standards demanded by Z.87.1.

Kaenon Polarized Glare 86® Element. 
Polarizing the world.
The foundation of the revolutionary lens technology is the unique combination of our SR-91® lens material and the proprietary Glare 86® polarizing element.  Glare 86--merely 30 microns thin--was specially engineered for SR-91.  A complex lens manufacturing process encapsulates the Glare 86 film into the SR-91 lens material.  Glare 86 also houses the purpose-built tints and prescribed Light Transmission Levels in each lens. 
The molecules in the Glare 86 polarizing element run in parallel, horizontal lines and act as a filter to block out irritating glare. This process maximizes optical acuity and eliminates distortion--a breakthrough in highly wrapped and raked non-glass polarized lenses.  Unlike other polarizing elements, Glare 86 offers exceptional polarizing capability, effectively eliminating up to 99% of glare. 

Kaenon Polarized Multi-Layer Lens Treatment System
Each Kaenon lens is treated with the following specially developed, proprietary lens coatings:
1.  Hydrophobic Coating (front surface):  Designed to shed water and snow from the surface of the lens. This prevents water spots from distorting your vision.  Also allows for easier lens cleaning. 
2.  Flash Mirror Coating:  Designed to reduce overhead glare even before it reaches the Glare 86 polarizing element, resulting in greater optical comfort and performance.  (some Kaenon products may be offered without a mirror coating)
3.  Anti-Scratch Hard Coating (front surface).  This hardcoat layer is designed to further protect the lens from scratching. 
4.  Kaenon's Proprietary Lens Material (with encapsulated Glare 86 polarizing element):  The polarized lenses are created by a unique and complex manufacturing process which completely encapsulates the Glare 86 polarizing element in the lens material SR-91.
5.  Anti-Scratch Hard Coating (rear surface):  This hardcoat layer is designed to further protect the lens from scratching. 
6.  Multi-Layer Anti-Reflective Coating:  Prevents light from bouncing off the back of the lens into your eye. This further enhances the optical acuity of our lenses by eliminating distorting reflections. 
7.  Hydrophobic Coating (rear surface):  Designed to shed water and snow from the rear surface of the lens. Prevents water spots from distorting your vision.  Also allows for easier cleaning. 

Kaenon Polarized Frame Materials:
Kaenon Sport frames are designed to perform. They're injection molded exclusively from TR-90, a highly advanced nylon-based material that is uniquely formulated for strength, flexibility, and memory retention as well as light weight. It withstands harsh elements without breaking down or losing its finish.
Kaenon Street Frames are hand-made from exclusive laminates and color lay-ups of cellulose acetate. This material allows for luxurious looks with rich colors, unique patterns, and hand-polished finishes. 

Kaenon Polarized Variflex™.
The nose pads and temple tips are made of a unique and proprietary hydrophilic substance called Variflex™. This material becomes tackier as you sweat, so it grips your skin while securely anchoring your Kaenon frame in a comfortable position--even in the most rigorous activities.

Kaenon Polarized Frame Geometry.
Kaenon Polarized Frame Geometry incorporates advanced 3D CAD/CAM design and engineering technology, innovative new materials, and performance driven design.  The result: our ultimate sport frame, Kore™.  A cutting edge design, it's incredibly lightweight, durable and ergonomic. 
We used the performance driven design of Kore as a model fore each of the Kaenon polarized frames.  With inventive and soulful designs, Kaenon Polarized Sport and Street Frames achieve an unparalleled balance of form and function.

Kaenon Polarized Light Transmisson Control (LTC™)
Customize your vision and performance. 
Not content with creating an entirely new lens material, Kaenon Polarized continues to advance polarized eyewear by being the first to develop Light Transmission Control (LTC™) technology. LTC allows you to control the exact amount of light that is transmitted to your eye, adjusting it perfectly for different weather, light and terrain conditions.  LTC technology is a combination of our proprietary Light Transmission Levels (LTL®) and our specially designed lens tints. .
By combining the correct LTL with one of our three specific lens tints--Grey, Copper and Yellow--Kaenon Polarized offers the perfect polarized lens to enhance and tune your vision to any situation. Kaenon polarized lenses range from LTL 12™-- to the darkest lens, LTL 50™--the lightest lens. 


Lens Information:

LTL 40 Grey

The lightest gray lens blocks 60% of visible light.  Performs best in low light and hazy conditions.  Allows increased light transmission for greater detail and recognition.

LTL 28 Grey

Half as dark as LTL12, it blocks 72% of visible light.  Great multi-purpose lens that performs well in all light conditions. 

LTL 12 Grey

The darkest lens. Blocks 88% of visible light.  Performs best in bright, full sun conditions.

LTL 50 Copper

The lightest copper lens. Blocks 50% of visible light.  Allows maximum light transmission for greatest detail recognition.  Performs best in low light and hazy conditions.

LTL 28 Copper

Half as dark as LTL12, it blocks 72% of visible light.  Great multi-purpose lens that performs well in all light conditions.

LTL 12 Copper

The darkest lens. Blocks 88% of visible light.  Performs best in bright, full sun conditions

LTL 35 Yellow

Great all around lens. Blocks 65% of visible light.  Significantly enhances contrast, optimum in hazy, changing and low light conditions. 



Rxable **Prescription Information

Lenses made directly into frame or Rxable : Prices quoted for lenses made with authentic Kaenon Polarized lenses for prescriptions of -3.00 to +5.00 sphere with up to 2.00 cylinder.  (Kore limited to -2.50 to +3.00) Same Glare 86 polarizing element,  same purpose-built lens tints and light transmission level lens innovations,  same 8- base lenses and  same proprietary SR-91 lens material that is available in Kaenon non-polarized lenses.  Includes a double sided gold anti-reflective coating  on Kore and Variant series.  Select frame/lens color  in the sunglasses as you want the prescription to be made and add the additional for prescription lenses. For instance, if you want the Kore in Black with Copper 28 lenses, select Kore Black/Copper-28 sunglasses for $180 and add prescription lenses to your cart for $570 for a total of $750.  (Kore lenses are made direct into frame--no inserts).

Lenses can also be made with A Sight for Sport Eyes lab (except the Kore) for non-polarized or other lens options, but will not have the Kaenon technology.  See prescription information page for more information.