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Peppers Sunglasses

Peppers Lens Technology:

Polarized lenses are all about eliminating glare.  Polarized lenses can reduce or completely eliminate glare.  Glare can be caused by direct light from a single source such as sunlight, car headlights or reflected snow, water, cement, ice or sand.

What is glare?

Light travels in all directions.  When light hits a surface, reflective rays are being sent vibrating through the air in any direction, usually horizontal.  This reflective light is called glare.  Glare distorts color, reduces visual acuity and depth perception.  Color becomes washed out and objects appear blurry.  Glare is dangerous because it can cause eye strain, eye fatigue and even temporary blindness while driving in a car, navigating a boat, skiing or any activity done in reflective light.

Polarized Lenses for Outdoor Activities

Pepper's Polarized sunglasses are ideal for anyone who spends time outdoors.  Whether you're playing golf, tennis, skiing, jogging or riding a bike, polarized lenses reduce the glare that is reflected off the surface.  Pepper's lenses improve depth perception and overall visual comfort.

How Polarized Lenses Work?

Polarized lenses are designed to eliminate or reduce the intensity of glare by passing light through a special filter imbedded with tiny crystals.  The crystals absorb the reflected glare and allow only light waves traveling to one plane to pass through.

Pepper's Polarized Sunglasses Provide:

  • Enhanced Color Contrast
  • Reduce Glare
  • Increased Depth Perception
  • Sharpened Details
  • 100% UV A, B and C protection

Peppers Polarized Lens Colors

                       Peppers Brown Polarized Lens                  Brown:  Excellent in bright sun as well on cloudy or rainy days.  Increases contrast in most light conditions and eliminates glare.  Designed for general purposes and high contrast situations.    
 Peppers Smoke Polarized Lens Grey Smoke:   Neutral in color and ideal for use on water, driving and general outdoor activities.  The most soothing color on the eyes and keeps colors true and natural. General purpose lens.
 Peppers Polarized Rose Lens Copper-Rose:  Rose enhances available light and depth perception in medium light conditions. 
  Caramel:  Provides excellent contrast and improves visual acuity and depth perception through the reduction of blue light. 
 Peppers Polarized Green Lens Green:  A dependable, multi-use tint that provides the best vision in a variety of light conditions.
 Peppers Electric Green Polarized Lens Electric Green Mirror:  Excellent in hot and sunny conditions, offering greater acuity and glare reduction through selective wavelength attenuation, removing haze and other forms of diffused light. 
 Peppers Polarized Blue Mirror Lens Ice Blue Mirror:  Perfect for extremely bright and sunny conditions, offering truer color perception and glare reduction through selective wavelength attenuation, removing haze and other forms of diffused light. 
 Peppers Polarized Red Mirror Lens Fire Red Mirror:    Perfect for medium to bright conditions, offering improved contrast and glare reduction through selective wavelength attenuation, removing haze and other forms of diffused light. 

Lens Construction:

Peppers is extremely proud of the quality of the lens materials they offer.  All pass the extremely stringent standards of the worldwide markets certified as Class 1.  Providing a perfectly crisp and real color perception through harmonious alignment of the lens materials adn the finest polarized filters.  Finishing and all the while protecting the enses with glorious multi-layer mirrors, Anti-reflective (A/R), anti-scratch, and hydrophobic lens coatings.  Resulting in visual perfection throughout your active lifestyle. 

  • Hydrophobic Coating:  repelling moisture, oils and grime, by providing a barrier which allows for smudges and fingerprints to wipe away cleanly.
  • Anti-Reflective Coating (A/R):  Applied to the back of the lens, eliminating bothersome backflash reflections.
  • Diamond Mirror Coatings:  Truly the finest mirror coating available, delivering optical supreme clarity while consitently filtering light through out the entire lens from all angles.  Resulting in a single gorgeous mirrored coating in a proprietary range of colors.

Peppers Frame Construction:

Base Curve:  The Base curve of a frame is based on the measured spher from the back of the lens.  Pepper's offers style with 6, 8 and 9 base lens curvature.  With 6 base models, following the natural curvature of your eye and 8 and 9 base models providing maximum amounts of wrap and coverage around your face.

Spring Hinge:  Providing an ideal fit, our Stainless Steel spring hinges self adjust providing a snug fit while accomodating a broad range of head shapes.

Metals:  Ultra lightweight as a result of premium Monel metal or Stainless Steel materials.  The classic and sport silhouettes feature adjustable silicone nose pads for all day comfort.

Grilamid:  Tough, flexible and resilient Grilamid all the while exceedingly light and durable.  Allowing our Peppers frames to retain their shape and providing performance in all temperature conditions. 

Floating:  By impacting the Grilamid frames with a chamber of either foam or air, results in frames that float rising to the top every time (note with prescription lenses, the added weight may not float glasses)

Megol:  Gently gripping your skin to ensure the frame stays in place throughout your active lifestyle.  The hydrophilic, tacky when wet properties are enhanced when introduced to moisture. 


Pepper's Prescription Lens Information

See Prescription Information page for prescription lens options.



Let all the latest information on Events, Sales, and Offers.


Let all the latest information on Events, Sales, and Offers.