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Note: Our shopping cart provider recent made an upgrade to the cart which caused some small glitches for our products. You may notice that the boxes where you enter your prescription information are either out of order or separated from each other. The right eye box may be at the top of the page under the quantity field and the tags that note what this box is for may be hidden by the item photo. Enter your prescription for your right eye in this box, and at the bottom of the page above the add to cart button, there is the box for the left eye. We apologize for the confusion and we are working to fix this problem. Also you may notice that it is limited to 25 characters. We don't need sph, cyl, axis designations so just write the numbers of the prescription (ie. -1.00 -0.25 x30) and you should have enough room.

The other problem you may notice is that the boxes for prescription information are grouped together but the left eye is on top and the right eye is on the bottom. This is reversed from how your prescription is written by your doctor so please be careful to make sure you enter the prescription properly if out of order. OD is the Right eye. OS is the left eye. Again, we are working to resolve these issues and apologize for the inconvenience.



The prices quoted on this website apply to single vision prescription lenses (pair) 6.00 diopters or less with cylinder 2.00 or less. Higher prescriptions may have power charges associated. For 8 base curve frames, a $20 base curve charge may also be assessed. See item page for details. (Note: Prescriptions above a 4.00 sphere and 1.00 cylinder may experience distortion in 8 base frames. Check with us at to see if your prescription and frame selections are a good match.

For full descriptions of lens options, see prescription information page on To order prescription lenses options not listed on frame ordering page, see All Prescription Lens Options Page

PD (pupil distance) measurements are recommended to make the prescription more accurate. This can be obtained from whomever made your last pair of glasses. We do not requre an actual copy of the doctor's prescription to fill your order but you are welcome to fax or email it to us if you are unsure how to enter the information online.

See bottom of brand page for estimated delivery times or call or email for estimated delivery times. Delivery times are estimates and not guarantees. With prescriptions, if the lens fails any inspection point along the way, lenses will need to be remade and will increase the estimated delivery time. Thus, average fabrication time is 2-7 working days, but if a lens doesn't pass inspection, it can take longer. Manufacturer direct lenses typically take 2-3 weeks.

Prescriptions are custom made products so they are not fully refundable. See return policy page for details. If the prescription is made wrong (our error) we will remake them at no charge within 30 days.

To see all lens options and add them to your cart, click All Prescription Lens Options Page. For Description of all lens options/technology, see prescription information page on our main website.