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Rudy Project Guardyan Black/ImpactX PhotoPolar Gray Sunglasses

Rudy Project Guardyan Sunglasses

  • Rudy Project Guardyan Black/ImpactX Clear Sunglasses Rudy Project Guardyan Black/ImpactX Clear Sunglasses
  • Rudy Project Guardyan Black/ImpactX PhotoPolar Gray Sunglasses Rudy Project Guardyan Black/ImpactX PhotoPolar Gray Sunglasses
  • Rudy Project Guardyan Included Shield and Strap Rudy Project Guardyan Included Shield and Strap
  • Person wearing Rudy Project Guardyan Goggle Version Person wearing Rudy Project Guardyan Goggle Version
  • Hard case included Hard case included
  • Rudy Project Interchangeable lenses Rudy Project Interchangeable lenses
  • Rudy Project Rx adapter Rudy Project Rx adapter
  • Fisherman wearing Rudy Project Guardyan Sunglasses Fisherman wearing Rudy Project Guardyan Sunglasses
  • Climber wearing Rudy Project Guardyan sunglasses Climber wearing Rudy Project Guardyan sunglasses

Rudy Project Guardyan Sunglasses

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Rudy Project Guardyan Information

Initially developped with military instructors and SWAT units for tactical applications, the GUARDYAN™ is a full-featured technical sunglass, amazingly versatile and extremely comfortable. Engineered with enhanced wraparound peripheral protection around a sturdy yet slender Grilamid® chassis, the Guardyan™ incorporates adjustable Ergo3™ nosepiece for superior customized fit, vented and padded full-face counter mask to provide protection from harsh climatic conditions, and interchangeable temples / strap system for intense sport activities. The proprietary RX insert will accomodate virtually any prescription level and can be mounted with a simple clic. Thanks to its unique temple geometry, the Guardyan™ is compatible with most helmets, making it perfect for motorbike enthusiasts. Unbreakable ImpactX™ optics will provide superior protection, stunning optical acuity and cutting edge light management technology.  

Prescription adapter also fits Kloynx Ski goggles.

Descriptions of Rudy Project Lens colors can be found here.

Eyesize:  62/16.  Dimensions:  A:62, B:37.  Weight: 1.19oz, 29g.  

sizing information

Note: Unable to ship outside the US, Canada and Caribbean. 

Rudy Project warranty not honored if  sold an unauthorized price.  For price matching, please call or email.

Rudy Project Prescription Information

Multiple prescription options available.  Prices shown for all options are for single vision (SV) prescription lenses only. Progressive lenses are available in store only or see our prescription information page for other options for obtaining progressive lenses. 

Option #1:  RX insert (full rim insert or Rimless insert). Maximum prescription range -7.00 to +4.00 total power (sphere plus cylinder).  This is a piece that carries the prescription and snaps in behind the non-prescription Rudy Project lenses. This allows you to change out the front lens for various light conditions while only purchasing one pair of prescription lenses. This is the most economical way to go and is a good option for contact lens wearers who only need to occasionally insert the prescription adapter. The full rim is more solid design (less fragile).  Eyesize:  A:  43, B:  32.   The rimless adapter is less noticeable but is held with a wire so may be more fragile.  Eyesize: A=44, B=33. There is also a full rimmed adapter designed for progressive or bifocal lens wearers (deeper top to bottom to allow for progressive lens heights).  Eyesize:  A=47, B=36 (note we don't sell bifocal/progressive lenses online).

Option 2:  "Direct In" is where the prescription is made just like the non-prescription lens, direct into the frame. Direct in lenses feature Rudy Project's revolutionary ImpactRX™ program with Eyepoint freeform technology giving a wider field of vision and virtually eliminating distortion issues associated with wrap lenses. See Rudy Project technology page for more details.

Note:  Rudy project no longer allows lenses only to be purchased. If you already have the frame, you can purchase lenses only but you will have to mail your frame in to have prescription lenses cut to your frame. If we make lenses only and the lenses don't fit your frame, there will be a charge to remake lenses to fit.  See "Lens Color" tab for full lens color descriptions.

Direct In Prescription Limitations based on PD (Pupil distance) and are estimates. When trying to fabricate there may be additional limitations.  Sphere power listed. Maximum cylinder power is 2.00.

Available in 3 eyesizes. We will make the largest eyesize we can based on prescription parameters unless you specify otherwise in the comments section.

PD=58 to 61-2.75 to +1.75
PD=62 to 66-3.25 to +2.25
PD=67+-3.75 to +2.50

Additional Information

BrandRudy Project
Prescription Price$133.00
Accessories Price$65.00
SizingAdult Average
Prescription Range Sphere PowerUp to 2.00 Sphere, Up to 4.00 Spher, Up to 6.00 Sphere
Prescription Range Cylinder PowerUp to 2.00 Cylinder, Up to 4.00 Cylinder
Frame MaterialPlastic
Frame Color/Lens ColorNo
Safety RatingNone
Interchangeable LensesYes
Base Curve8 Base

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  1. Blocks wind even without foam review by Robert N. on 8/2/2017
    Overall Performance

    How would you rate the product on a scale of 1-5 with one being the not very good and 5 being excellent?
    5 so far. Only one day, but so far so good.

    What features do you like about the product?
    Comfortable, blocks wind better than other glasses I have tried (even without the foam), lenses are great – prescriptions are spot-on, lens colors worked well today in bright light. It will be months before I can try them in extreme cold (the test of air-blocking ability) to see if I can avoid using ski goggles.

    What features are not so good?
    All good so far.

    Are you having any fogging issues?
    Not today, nor sweat accumulation, although it was not too hot.

    Would you recommend this product to others?

    What are you mainly using the product for? Have you found other uses for the product as well?
    General sunglasses, running, will try them for shooting/hunting too.

    What do you think of A Sight for Sport Eyes as a whole as a company? Were you treated well? Did things arrive in the time you expected?
    Service was EXCELLENT! You have a good process to help get the prescription done correctly and it did not take too long. Very helpful too in getting stock, non-prescription lenses swapped out to save cost.

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