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Not all blue light is bad.

It regulates our circadian rhythm, and a lack of blue light can lead to depression.

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Dermacare Direct Cosmeceutical Skincare

Seavision 2000 Dive Mask

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Starting At: $65.00

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Seavision 2000 Dive Mask Information

    Free 2oz SeaVision defog included!
  • Free Protective hard case included!
  • For all faces (60-240 lbs). One of a handful of masks that fits almost all faces
  • Provides Excellent Peripheral Vision
  • Crystal silicone - The highest grade silicone available for a soft comfortable seal
  • Swivel buckles for comfort
  • Available in Custom made Single Vision or Bifocal Correction (not step diopter so includes correction for astigmatism)  The SeaVision® mask features a unique, Underwater Bifocal correction. It will be ideally positioned on the lens for optimal in-water use. These custom lenses will work like your eyeglasses you use land side.
  • Highest quality lenses made from material (CR39), which makes them stronger and much more efficient than glass.
  • Available in clear lenses, Max SeaVision Filtered (yellow) lenses or our Patented Color Corrective Filtered Lenses (Magenta).
  • Offered with or without a purge valve.


Also available premade as a gauge Reader (no prescription in the top, with reading power of +2.00 in the bottom nasal corner of the lens to read gauges)

Also available with purge valve (add on).

Lens Color Options

Color Correction

Seavision color correcting lenses

This magenta lens is designed for use in waters to see are more rich and vibrant colors. This unique product is designed to filter out blue wavelengths in the water, allowing your eyes to see the brilliant reds, oranges, yellows and green colors that are lost as a diver descends. For example, at a depth of 25 feet, red is no longer visible to the naked eye. At 75 feet, yellow looks greenish blue because the yellow light has been absorbed by the water. The Seavision© technology adjusts the color bands to allow users to actually see and enjoy the colors there in front of them at lower depths.

Max Vision

Seavision Maxvision filter

This yellow lens is for use in low light situations such as lakes, quarries, caves, rivers, and night dives. It helps to optimize available light and help improve vision at the same time.


Seavision Dive Mask Presription Information

Mask is available with prescription lenses made directly into the mask (full mask lens is in your prescription).    Quoted price is for a single vision CR-39 plastic lens ranging from +2.25  to -8.00.    Also available premade with Gauge Readers.  Please note: PD measurements are required to properly fill your prescription.  Prescriptions take about 7 to 10 business days. Rush service for 3 day turnaround available for $45 more.  This includes overnight shipping.

More Information
Price $65.00
Prescription Price $123.00
Sizing Adult Average
Prescription Range Sphere Power Up to 2.00 Sphere, Up to 4.00 Spher, Up to 6.00 Sphere, Up to 8.00 Spher
Prescription Range Cylinder Power Up to 2.00 Cylinder, Up to 4.00 Cylinder, Above 4.00 Cylinder
Base Curve 6 Base
Recommendation No
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