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Spy Sunglasses and Goggle Product Information Page

Spy Sunglasses & Goggles

Spy Sunglasses Information           

Spy Snow Goggle Information   

Spy SnowX Goggle Information    

Spy MX Goggle Information

Spy Lens Information

For nearly two decades now, Spy has managed not to take themselves too seriously.  This allows them the luxury of always putting the F-U in "FUN" while hanging with the crew of ridiculously talented athletes, designers and artsy-fartisans.  The mash-up of their collective obsession with action sports, tech, youth culture and music keeps them up late at night, noddling on the new gear that works insane and has better style than the other guy's stuff. 



So what have they learned duirng this time?  That they make incredible, high quality products that go on your face, which allow you to see clearer, look cooler, perform better and be more comfortable minded folk and the pastimes that inform who they are, what they do and why they do it.  And they wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Black Ice Collection:

Evolution in inevitable.  Change is welcome. This unique colorway streams from another dimension—pulled from a gateway buried in the recesses of an imploded supernova.  Expanding upon the strengths of matte black, the Black Ice collection delivers a new era of cool. Bending the very fabric of time and space with powers so dark, its unique blackness reduces the world around it to a sultry smooth combination of the blooming violet.  Beware:  transcendental  translucence awaits.

Collection includes:  Helm, Dirty Mo, Flynn, Tron, Blok, Murena, Kirk, Haymaker, Logan, Cooper XL, OTF.

Athlete Signature Series: 

Styles designed for famous athletes. Now you can wear what they wear.

ANSI Certified Optics:

Our shades make you look cool and help you see cool things, certainly, but they’re also designed to keep your eyeballs protected and in your head.  That’s why we made sure this pair of specs was ANSI certified for lens retention and high mass impact resistance.  This means that if someone hits you in the face (or if your face hits something) the lenses will resist ejecting, they will resist shattering, and the frames will resist breaking.  One test these badass optics endured is a 1Z4-inch metal ball blasted at them at more than 100mph.  The other is a 1.1lb pointed projectile dropped on them from more than 4 feet up.  They passed with high marks, so relax—the crap that the world might throw at your face is handled.  We also made sure these sunglass have good wrap-around coverage and clarity of view for your safety and visual enjoyment.  We are pleased to be pleasing you.  Available in Bounty and Quanta.

Realtree AP

The success of the SPY+ Realtree Dirty Mo for Dale Earnhardt Jr. led us to one conclusion:  Let's do more! Dale's favorite Realtree pattern safety-orange logo hits, orange mirror and bronze lenses, and SPY's signature DNA add up to a super stealthy, 7 piece camo collection that any North Carolinian would covet.  Suit-up, get in, kick some ass and disappear.  Avaialble in Dirty Mo, Alpha, Quanta, McCoy, Tron, Dirk, Kash.


Lens Technologies: 

Trident Polarized Lenses:

All of SPY’s polarized sunglasses feature premium injected Trident polarized lenses. 

Whether pedaling down the road at a blistering pace or just checking the surf, it is important to clearly see what you are up against.  Sunlight is one crazy mother—we’ve accepted this—but through Trident polarization we block sunlight’s hyperactive, glare-filled rays, filtering the chaos into a stream of clean, clear light.  This effectively eliminates up to 99% of blinding glare, allowing you to see clearer and last longer in the elements.

Trident polarization is layered and sealed within our injected ARC lenses. This means your polarization will stay with you for the life of your glasses—no scratching, delaminating, or hazing of your polarized filter. 

SPY’s been producing Trident polarization since 1996, brings colors to life in ways forgotten since the ‘60’s.

Replacement Lenses (Comando-Kit)

People have varying degrees of light sensitivity, color and contrast preferences.  It’s important to get the most preferred lens on your face for different kinds of light.  We want you to feel confident that the lens you choose “feels right” outdoors.  The right lens can brighten your day or turn you into a shady character.  Truth is, as much as we love the sun, it is harmful to our eyes—that’s why our entire assortment of lenses is UVA, UVB, and UVC protected so you can worry about pushing your performance to the limit, not your eyes. 

The human FOV (field of view) is greater than 180 degrees. This means that we can actually see behind us!  Our ARC technology is important because it provides optically correct, distortion-free viewing at all angles.  It also insures against discomfort and eyestrain. SPY performance eyewear is designed to provide all the protection, visual protection, visual performance and extended wearing comfort that full eye coverage has to offer and takes full advantage of ARC lens technology.

 Lens Materials

Polycarbonate:  Shield glare while maximizing optical quality lenses that are tough and shatter resistant.

Nylon:  Lightweight premium optical quality lenses that are virtually impervious to cracking.

CR39:  Rich color tinting and scratch resistance while keeping true optical accuracy.

Spherical Lens Curvature:

Traditional spherical lenses have a consistent vertical and horizontal curve in the lens. If the edge of the lenses were to continue around back to itself, it would for a spherical shape.  All SPY lenses use this common method unless otherwise noted.

Toric Lens Curvature: 

A toric lens has a differing horizontal and vertical base curves—meaning that vertically the curvature is different that the horizontal curvature.  The shape of lens allows a unique appearance that is very wearable and gives larger, high wrap frames a modern look and feel.

100% UVA, B & C Protection:

The Coroneo Effect has shown that the eye is vulnerable to UV coming from high peripheral angles.  SPY styles—their fit, Scoop technology and ARC lenses—help reduce exposure to UV at those angles, keeping you protected, comfortable and seeing clearly.  Whether you’re old, young, genetically this or that, or you spend time in high UV environments, we want to help keep your eyes safe and your sight clear. 

RX Lenses:

Spy is working hard to treat those you don’t have 20/20 vision and need correction. We strive to offer the same great styles, technologies, performance and feeling as our non-RX products. We’re getting closer and closer (you will be able to see this if you put your RX glasses on).

Spy Sunglass Lens Colors:

Note: not all colors availabe in all frames.

With Happy Lenses you can:
See better with superior color & contrast enhancement and distortion free ARC lenses. 

Feel Better:  Lets "good" rays in, "bad" rays stay out. Uplifts mood and alertness. 

Perform better:  Relaxes eyes to reduce fatigue and easily distinguish changes in the terrain.

Lens Color SampleLens NameLighting Conditions  Description
Spy Happy LensPolarized Happy Bronze   Increases contrast and color, providing comfort in a wide range of conditions.  For fishing, driving and everyday outdoor activities.
 Spy Purple Spectra LensPurple Spectra Bright  
 Spy Lens Blue SpectraPolarized Bronze Blue Spectra Bright Good for ocean fishing and other water activities like boating, kayaking and SUP.
 Spy Lens Red SpectraRed Spectra Bright 
 Spy Green Spectra LensGreen Spectra Bright 
 Spy Photochromic Brown lensesBronze Photochromic Varing (low to bright) 
 Spy Bronze Silver Mirror lensPolarized Happy Bronze Black Mirror Bright 
 Spy Lens Gray SilverGray Silver Mirror Bright 
 Spy Gray LensesGray Bright 
 Spy Polarized Gray lensesPolarized Gray Bright 
Spy Rose LensRoseMedium 
Spy Clear LensClearLow 
Spy Yellow LensYellowLow 
Spy Lens Happy Green SpectraHappy Bronze Green SpectraBright Good for golfing, inland fishing or any activity done on lakes, rivers or streams.
Spy Bronze LensBronzeBright 
 Happy Gray Green PolarizedBrightFor driving and every day activities where high contrast is needed. 




Frame Technology:

Scoop Venting:

Nothing messes up your day like fogged lenses.  The patented Scoop system sets SPY Performance eyewear apart from other eyewear, especially close-fitting sport wrap designs that apply so-called anti-fog coatings or fog-up when you’re hammering.  The Coop system forces air through holes at varying apertures to prevent fogging while blocking wind turbulence from eyes.

 Hytrel Rubber:

Hytrel combines the strength of plastic with comfort and flexibility of rubber, plus it’s hydrophilic so it doesn’t slip when your sweaty.  Hytrel provides excellent flex fatigue (it doesn’t get tired being used a lot) and remains strong and comfortable in a wide range of temperatures and moisture conditions. It offers strength and stiffness plus outstanding toughness while resisting hydrocarbons and many other fluide. Soft, durable and comfortable. Easy choice. 

Grilamid NZ

Used in our SPY performance series and other sports friendly styles, Grilamid NZ is a flexible, plasticized, high viscosity extrusion grade polymer than has high strength at both high and low temperatures, incredibly light weight and comfortable.  This stuff can handle a load of beatings, outlasting other materials typically used in performance categories. 


Lightweight, durable and comfortable—like technical apparel, these traits are crucial to the look, feel and long-term wearing comfort of the shades.  Grilamid is the lightest, most durable plastic engineered, ensuring you feel really good wearing products made from it.


The full, fancy word for this material is celluolose acetate propionate, a nylon-based plastic that is hypoallergenic.  It’s lightweight and more transparency and gloss than other plastics. The only thing you’ll be itching for in frames made out of this stuff is more time wearing them on the road or trails. 

Monel Alloy:

Monel is an engineered alloy of nickel, silver and copper.  That creates a lightweight, yet extremely durable frame.  Monel Alloy is malleable, corrosion-resistant and hypo-allergenic for well fitting and long wearing shades.    


Snow Goggle Technology

Flex Frame:  No stiffies.  Flexible polyurethane frames fit comfortably to the contours of your face no matter how cold it gets.  

Silicone Ribbing:  Thin strip  of silicone inside the strap keeps your goggles in place protecting your eyes from face shots without any loss of sensation or pleasure.

Anti-Fog Lenses:  Super secret coating that keeps your lenses clear as day, all day long, and telling moisture to go fog itself.

Scoop:  Spy's patented Scoop venting system combats lens fogging by promoting airflow between the lens and the face by forcing air through strategically placed vents of varying appeture on the frame. 

Flight Strap:  The streetwear-inspired Flight Strap utilizes a Velcro system to prevent slippage and eliminate the need for readjustment.  With no plastic adjusters it fits perfectly under helmets as well.  Strap up and get a little air time. 

Triple Layer Isotron Face Foam:  Constructed of three different densities of material, each adding to the comfort and functionality of your goggles.  The topmost layer features Spy's moisture wicking Dri-force fleece, which pulls sweat away from your face and out through the foam.  All the comforts of bed and built to shred.

Helmet Compatible:  Designed to work with ski and snowboard helmets.

SnowX Goggle Technology

Scoop:  Moisture?  Get the fog outta here.  Patented Scoop ventilation system dramatically reduces lens fogging by promoting airflow behind the lens.  The Scoop system forces air through strategically placed vents of varying apeture on the goggle frame to effectively shut down fog.  Your vision will thank you.

Anti-Fog Dual Lens with Venting:  Anti-fog Dual lenses utilize in-lens venting technology, contrast-enhancing tints, and as a super secret extra strength anti-fog coating on the inside that keeps your lenses clear as day, all day.

Flex Frame:  No stiffies.  Flexible polyurethane frames fit comfortably to the contours of your face no matter how cold it gets. 

Silicone Ribbing:  Thin strip  of silicone inside the strap keeps your goggles in place protecting your eyes from face shots without any loss of sensation or pleasure. 

Expanded Triple-Layer Isotron Face Foam with Moisture Wicking Dri-Force Fleece:  More foam=more warmth.  Keep that chill off your face with oversized, expanded version of the insulating and moisture wicking Triple Layer Isotron face foam.  All the comforts of your bed and built to shred in the harshest conditions. 

Snowx Noseguard:  Got a nose for danger?  Larger profile, dual injected nose guard keeps your beak protected from the harshest of elemets, rock, debris, and other airborne shrapnel.  The firm, inner ABS is the foundation for strength, while the polyurethane outer maintains flexibility and ease of use in your helmet to keep your nose toasty. 

Contact Mirrored Lenses:  Low light doesn't mean you can't have high expectations. Contact mirrored lenses are engineered in all your favorite low-light tints with a unique blue mirror color that increases definition, cuts glare, reduces internal reflection and adds style points on flat-light days, as well as on sunny days.

MX Goggle Technology


Goggle Lens Colors

Lens PicLens Color DescriptionLight ConditionsFilter CategoryVisual Light Transmission
 Happy Bronze Ski LensHappy BronzeSunnyS3 15.2%
Happy Bronze Blue Spectra Ski LensHappy Bronze Blue SpectraSunnyS314.8%
Spy Happy Bronze Green SpectraHappy Bronze Green SpectraSunnyS311.8%
Spy Happy Bronze Black Mirror Ski LensHappy Bronze Black MirrorSunnyS315.2%
Spy Happy Rose Blue Spectra Ski LensHappy Rose Blue SpectraCloudyS249.5%
Spy Happy Persimmon Silver Mirror Ski LensHappy Persimmon Silver MirrorCloudyS249.5%
Spy Happy Persimmon Ski LensHappy PersimmonFlatS170.2%
Spy Bronze Silver Mirror LensBronze with Silver Mirror                           SunnyS311.7%
Spy Bronze with Gold MirrorBronze with Gold MirrorSunnyS311.7%
Spy Bronze with Red SpectraBronze with Red SpectraSunnyS320.7%
Spy Bronze with Green SpectraBronze with Green SpectraSunnyS322.5%
Spy Bronze LensBronzeSunnyS325.2%
Spy Pink with Silver Mirror LensPink with Silver MirrorMixed LightS229.25%
Spy Pink Contrast LensPink Contact

Mixed Light

Spy Pink LensPinkMixed LightS232.4%
spy Blue Contrast LensBlue ContactMixed LightS249.5%
Spy Persimmon ContactPersimmon ContactMixed LightS249.5%
Spy Yellow Green Spectra LensYellow with Green SpectraFlat LightS152.2%
 Spy yellow contact lens Yellow Contact Flat LightS1  54%
Spy Persimmon LensPersimmonFlat LightS153.1%
Spy Yellow LensYellowFlat LightS170.2%
Spy Clear ContactClear ContactNightS180%
Spy Clear LensClearNightS182.8%