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When kids spend a majority of their time looking at screens, the brain signals the eye to grow to see at this distance. Thus, when they look far away, they are shortsighted.

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Fitting Eyewear Videos and Specific Product Instructions

What is a PD and how do I get it? A PD refers to your pupilary distance, or the distance between your pupils. It is the distance from the center of one pupil to to center of the other pupil in millimeters. A PD ensures that the center of the lenses line up with the center of your pupils where you will get the best vision. If you don't provide one, we will use a standard unless we feel that your prescription is too high and too much distortion will be induced if we use a standard one. PD is not necessary for step diopter products. PD is usually written like this: PD=60 (binocular). Or it could be split per eye like 30/30 (monocular). This is usually not written on your prescription, but is a measurement taken by the optician filling the prescription. The best option is to call wherever you had your regular eyeglasses made to get this measurement. Tip: be sure to tell your doctor that you are getting "swim goggles", "sports goggles", etc. as this will make them more likely to help you. If it is a product they don't sell, they will be more likely to give you the measurement. Otherwise, they will think you are going to a competitor and will not be so forthcoming with the information.

If you are unable to get it from your doctor, here is the best way to get the measurement yourself.

how to measure a PD

It is best not to attempt to take this measurement yourself in the mirror. When you look in the mirror you would be taking a "near" PD as your eyes converge. You want to take a "distance" PD so you will need another person to measure this for you while you look off into the distance.  (If you take it in inches we can do a conversion to mm for you).  The other option is to put on your glasses and have a friend or family member take a dry erase marker and put a dot where your pupil is. Then take your glasses off and measure the distance between the two dots, again in mm. Make sure you use a dry erase marker so the markings will easily come off.

If you have an IPad, you can download this app: PDMIrror (note we can't guarantee accuracy using 3rd party applications)

Lastly, you can take a credit card (or club card as long as it is the same size as a credit card), center it under your nose and take a straight on selfie. Then email it us at We can then measure your PD this way.