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Also called "Free Form", a laser and a computer program measures the frame and adjusts your prescription to the curve of the frame and how close the frame sits to your face.This creates a lens unique to only you.

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View  goggles are a superior system of uncommon quality, providing unsurpassed pleasure for everyone active in aqua sports.  Although new to the North American market, View is acclaimed internationally for both prescription and plano users, from Olympic athletes through the entire family. Some models can quickly be interchanged with stock View prescription lenses from -1.50 to -10.00 diopters, providing independent power correction for each individual eye.  

Because of their patented pop-together interlocking modular components, View offers the only systems designed for fast, convenient user switching between plano lenses and full prescription lenses.  View's unique reverse-curve soft elastomer contoured face cushions seal snugly around the eyes, creating a watertight fit ideal for users who prefer the flexibility of occasionally using planos with contacts.  View goggles have successively won the coveted MITI "Good Product Design" award for fit, style, quality and comfort. 

Although initially created to meet the stringent demands of the competitive swimmers, View's ability to provide unequaled vision correction and comfort makes its applications far broader than other goggles.  Athletes in speed boating, water skiing, jet skiing, surfing or wind surfing and triathlons will enhance their abilities. 

Stock plano lenses can be quickly interchanged with View prescription lenses ranging from -1.50 to -10.00(depending on the model)  in -0.50 diopter increments.  View lenses won't shatter. They are made of polycarbonate, the leading protective material of choice for sport products.  Polycarbonate has the best shock-resistant qualities of plastics and is far superior to common cellulose-propionate.  Smoke gray tinted lenses provide 100% UV protection, improve outdoor vision and minimize color distortion.  Advance anti-fog treatment obsoletes other technologies.  Available in many colors from team black to avant-garde brilliant.  Glue-free molded elastomer elements eliminate potential weak points and allergic reaction while conforming to the natural contour of the face.  Each View goggle includes an attractive, protective case.

When you purchase the prescription lenses, purchase one lens for each eye.  You will get the plano (non-prescription) lenses as well (good for contact lens wearers). They will come unassembled. We can assemble the goggles for an additional charge.

View Swim Goggle Lens Information




View Lens Information

View Swim Goggle Lens Information




 Prescription Information
Note:  Only styles marked with the RX symbol above are available with prescription. Prescription lenses are add ons and must be added to your shopping cart separately (lenses are priced per eye, not as a pair).  Prescription lens prices are marked in the blue or yellow shaded boxes underneath all the frame color options.  If you have questions, please call, email or use online chat.  

Prices are for pre-fabricated goggles, stocked lenses.  These goggles are returnable in original condition and packaging.  For prescriptions with astigmatic power (second number or cyclindrical number) of over -1.00, you may need to go into a custom made goggle for good vision.  To determine what power of lenses you need, read "How to read a Prescription" on our prescription information page. Or, you can order what you think you need, and you can enter your prescription in the box in the shopping cart. We will verify if you ordered the right lenses or if we think there needs to be an adjustment, we will manually change the order to the best power for your prescription.