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How Do Asian Fit Sunglasses Differ from Standard Eyewear

A male mountain biker checking his phone trailside in the forest on a sunny spring day.

How often do you find that the phrase "one size fits all" doesn't quite apply, especially concerning something as personal as eyewear? Every face is unique, creating a different composition of features, proportions, and forms. Still, when it comes to eyeglasses, people often find themselves choosing between good vision and a comfortable fit. What suits one face may not work for another due to significant variations in size and shape.


Let’s look at eyewear options that are tailored to fit the distinctive characteristics of Asian faces. In this article, we will talk about Asian-fit sunglasses, identifying the requirements of Asian facial shapes and emphasizing the value of eyewear that combines elegance and utility.


What Are Asian Fit  Sunglasses? 


It's interesting how something as simple as glasses can cause such a hassle, especially if they don't fit right! Particularly Asian faces frequently experience difficulties wearing traditional eyewear. Imagine dealing with glasses pinching your temples or having a permanent slide-down-the-nose situation. Frustrating, right? 


Asian-fit (or sometimes called low fit or alternative fit) sunglasses are a particular type of eyewear made to cater to the demands of people with Asian facial features. As opposed to regular spectacles, Asian-fit eyewear is for people with deeper profiles, higher cheekbones, and a lower nose bridge. As a result, eyewear on Asian faces looks better overall while still fitting comfortably.


Who Can Wear Asian Fit Glasses?

Portrait of a male mountain biker in the forest on a sunny spring day.
While Asian-fit sunglasses are the best choice for most Asian faces, it doesn’t mean they are limited to a certain ethnicity, or vice-versa. In the end, it is all about the features of your face. Those with certain facial features—like a smaller nose, broad face cut, high cheekbones, or closer-set eyes—are the ideal candidates for Asian-fit spectacles. 


Asian fit sports eyewear presents a fantastic alternative for athletes seeking a frame that accentuates their facial traits like high cheekbones or a broad face. These can appeal to a broad range of demographics because of their diverse features, which are not exclusive to any particular ethnicity. For a deeper understanding of how to pick the right sports glasses frames for your face shape, you can check out this guide


Advantages of Asian Fit Eyewear over Standard Eyewear


  • Higher Nose Pads: These are one of the main characteristics of Asian-fit sunglasses. The design ensures that faces with lower nose bridges fit more comfortably and securely.


    On the contrary, standard eyewear has a lower nose pad placement. It means they won't sit securely on your nose and require constant adjustments to prevent slipping.


  • Curved Temples: Asian-fit eyewear features curved temples that mirror the natural contours of the wearer's face. It offers a snug fit without compromising style.


    Standard-fit eyewear tends to have a straighter frame near the temples. It gives an uncomfortable, tight fit to people with broader temples, which brings soreness near your temples.


  • Adjustable Nose Pads: Because customization is essential. Asian prescription glasses have adjustable nose cushions. This enables users to adjust the fit to their specifications, guaranteeing that the frames sit comfortably on the nose and don't leave any marks.




Your face is as distinct as your fingerprint, and your choice of eyewear should be too. It is time to wave goodbye to the compromises of conventional eyewear as we delight in introducing customized alternatives. Switch to Asian-fit sunglasses, where style and comfort improve your appearance and vision. Find eyewear that is tailored specifically for you. Uncover the ideal blend of comfort and style by browsing through Sporteyes’ selection of Asian-fit sunglasses, and take a leap towards comfort in eyewear.

08 Feb 2024

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