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How To Clean And Store Your Ski Goggles

Two men Standing on Snow wearing Ski Goggles

Imagine this: right as you get set for a thrilling run on the slopes, amidst the shining snow, your eyesight gets blurred by stained or cloudy ski goggles. Such a bummer, right? This happens more often than you think and with experienced skiers as well. The reason? Ski goggles often get ignored after the ski season. 


When you delay cleaning your ski goggles, you are inviting serious problems like discomfort and reduced vision for the next season. All the effort into choosing the perfect pair of ski goggles might go to waste if you don’t store them properly. 


Well, we have done all of the research so that you don't have to. In this blog, we will tell you how to clean your ski goggles, and the tips and tricks required to keep them in brand-new condition. 


How Long Do Ski Goggles Last?


A boy with Ski goggles on snow

When you buy a pair of ski goggles, the first question that pops up in your mind must be how long would they last?  When cared for properly, a good pair of ski goggles can last several years. On the other hand, skipping maintenance might significantly reduce their lifespan, and a perfectly good pair might be too run down in a few months. 


Therefore, it's essential to regularly clean your ski goggles. For them to retain their features, they need to be maintained in a routine, just like any other type of eyewear.


Next, let us know what measures you can take to guarantee their proper care. 


How To Clean Ski Goggles


A men smiling wearing Ski goggles

If you've been confused about how to clean your ski goggles, your worries end here. Cleaning your prescription ski goggles is quite an easy procedure. Just stick to these easy steps, and your ski goggles will stay all shined up and waiting for your next skiing vacation. 


Use a Microfiber Cloth

As a thumb rule, always use a gentle microfiber cloth to clean your goggles. Carefully wipe the outside lens in a circular motion to make sure it gets completely clean without getting damaged. It's possible for the anti-fog coating to come off the inner lens if you rub it with force, so be careful. You can just let the inner lens air dry to avoid any such damage. 


Wipe The Outer Lens

Next, you can gently wipe the goggles using the goggle bag that most pairs of goggles come with. Snow, ice, and moisture can accumulate on the outer lens making your vision blurry on the next use. Simply wiping this section of the lens makes it ready for your next use. 


On the other hand, you should Never wipe the inner lens. You could damage the anti-fog treatments which are usually applied on the inner lens. Plus, the oils present on your fingers could get transferred to the lens, and getting those smudges out can be a headache. 


Use a Special Cleaning Solution

Many manufacturers provide products that are specifically designed to prevent fogging and clean items effectively. ⁤⁤When using the solution, take great care to target leftover stains or to get that finished look. ⁤


Try to take effective measures to avoid fogging your goggles. Additionally, try not to touch your wet glasses as much as possible to prevent smudges or scratches. To avoid damage, always stay a safe distance from your goggles when using a drying tool, such as a hand dryer, or let them air dry in a low-moisture area.


Last but not least, keep in mind that in addition to cleaning your prescription ski eyewear, proper storage during the off-season is necessary to prolong its shelf life. 


Don’t Ignore The Manual

While these tips can help you prolong the shelf life of your ski goggles, make sure you take a look at the instruction manual that came with the eyewear. Manufacturers have a better understanding of the materials used to produce your ski goggles and therefore, they are well-versed with the care it requires.


Make sure that you don’t throw away the manual and take a look at it before cleaning or storing your eyewear. 


How To Store Your Ski Goggles


A women wearing Ski goggles

Cleaning your ski goggles will keep them perfect for the next use. However, storing them the right way is what keeps them running for longer. Here are some simple rules to follow when you store your ski goggles: 


Protect The Lens

When your prescription goggles are not in use, always try to place them in a dry and safe place. It is best to steer clear of places where the lens could get smudged, or scratched. So make sure you cover them with a ski goggle cloth protector before you store them.


Use a Protective Case

Following this, store your goggles in their original protective case after skiing. These cases are made specifically to hold and safeguard eyewear to keep them in the best condition. Before storing, make sure the face foam is dry because damp foam might cause damage and require replacement. If you’ve lost your original case, make sure you buy another ski goggle case instead of just storing your goggles without one.


Store Them In The Right Place

When keeping your goggles, place them at room temperature. Extremely hot or cold temperatures have the potential to cause damage to your goggles by distorting the lens or changing the frame’s shape.


Since you are now aware of the rules regarding proper storage, let us look at other ways to increase the durability of your favorite pairs. 


How To Make Your Ski Goggles Last Longer


Ski goggles lying on snow

As you can tell by now, taking care of your goggles is pretty easy, and a little effort can go a long way in keeping them in good shape. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll have your trusty ski goggles keep your company for years. 


1. Try to refrain from touching or rubbing the interior of the lens, particularly if it's moist. This is because rough handling might harm the delicate anti-fog coating on the inner layer of the lens. 


2. It's important to store your goggles detached from the helmet to stop moisture from getting inside the lens. This is because the buildup of moisture inside the lens may produce fogging, which may affect your vision. The best way to maintain the strap is by keeping the goggles off your helmet, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit.


3. Lastly, when storing your goggles at the end of your run on the slopes, make it a point that they are totally dry. 



Still, have some questions about how to take care of your ski goggles? Let’s answer them and drive away any doubts you may have.


  • Can I clean the ski goggles with a handkerchief or glove?

Cleaning ski goggles using a handkerchief or glove isn't recommended, even if it might seem convenient. Mineral fillers found in handkerchiefs scratch the surface of glass by acting as sandpaper. This can also happen if you use sleeves of jackets or gloves to clean your glasses. 


Therefore, never use any other fiber to clean your goggles lenses or you’ll end up with tiny scratches on the lens.  The easiest way to ensure delicate yet thorough cleaning without running the danger of scratches is to use a microfiber cloth made especially for cleaning goggles.


  • My ski goggles are fogged up. Can I clean the inside?

In simple terms, no. Cleaning the interior of the goggles may harm the anti-fog layer, making fogging problems worse over time. The fog will usually dissipate simply by allowing air to the lens. So take the goggles off, and they should defog on their own.  You should only use a microfiber cloth to clean the inside if necessary. It is best to avoid any other materials.


  • When do I use anti-fog sprays?

Nowadays, people advise utilizing anti-fog sprays to prevent fogging in ski goggles. However, there is an issue with this suggestion. The goggles' internal anti-fog coating may be harmed by the spray. It is therefore advised against using these sprays on ski or snowboard goggles. They are better suited for regular eyewear. 

Dirty, Damaged Ski Goggles? Not Anymore.

To sum it up, proper care of your ski goggles is essential for a fun and smooth snowboarding or skiing experience. By following the easy methods we've provided, you can extend the life of your goggles and ensure good vision on the slopes. 


Remember that maintaining your ski goggles will pay you significantly in the long run, even though it just requires a small amount of effort on a daily basis. 


If you want to browse through a diverse range of sports eyewear for your next adventure, you can check out Sporteyes' collection. The best part is - the goggles are available in prescription lenses so that there is no compromise on vision on the slopes. We also offer you different accessories to keep your goggles in perfect shape, so get your next pair now! 


15 May 2024

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