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How to Swim if You Wear Glasses? All you need to know before your next adventure

Toddler Swimming on Pool Wearing Blue Goggles

Squinting to concentrate on an image in the distance? Getting headaches out of the blue? Let’s be real, we've all been there. If you wear glasses, you might second-guess pursuing swimming as a sport you’re passionate about. If you find yourself asking: “Can I swim with glasses?”, the answer is yes, you definitely can. 


Wearing regular glasses when swimming can lead to major discomfort rather than a delightful dip. The discomfort, impaired vision, and constant slipping are common challenges faced by everyone who wishes to swim with glasses. 


In this blog, we will look at the common challenges faced by people with glasses, and how exactly these can be tackled. We will look at how you can use  prescription swimming goggles to give you that exhilarating underwater escapade that you are craving. 


The Dangers of Swimming With Glasses


If you are wondering: “How to swim with glasses?”, we have to warn you about the dangers that come with it. The risks associated with wearing glasses while swimming are plenty. From getting your glasses broken to more serious risks like eye injuries, the possibilities are all disturbing. Regular glasses are not meant for such adventures, and any training instructor would advise you to not wear your glasses for such occasions. 


Alternative Solutions 


If you regularly wear glasses, you have probably considered every other option. Glasses are generally uncomfortable, prone to slipping, and frequently not sustainable. Furthermore, only a select handful can truly comprehend the nightmare of losing them. These factors are more than enough evidence to tell you that regular prescription glasses are not a good option to use while swimming. 


Though there are disadvantages, adopting contact lenses might be something you're considering. First of all, even if you use contact lenses, the hazardous substances in the water will still enter your eyes. That can lead to burning and even eye infections. It's crucial for people who have never worn lenses before to be aware that getting used to contact lenses may take some time.


Lastly, if you decide to go swimming without any vision correction, that can prove to be flawed too. It will reduce your mobility and make it far more difficult to enjoy yourself. 

Prescription Swim Goggles: The Innovative Solution You Need

Boy In A Pool


Prescription swim goggles are the best solution to solve all of these problems. They feel as light and comfortable as regular swimming goggles, but give you the enhanced clarity that you need. They come with padded frames that fit your temple perfectly, giving your peripheral vision a boost as well. With this protective gear, your eyes will also be protected from toxins such as chlorine in the water, and you will be able to trod ahead with much better ease. 


Benefits of Prescription Swim Goggles


Let us look at all the benefits of using Swim Goggles: 


Beat Poor Vision


When swimmers with poor vision dive in, one of their biggest fears is colliding with the walls or other swimmers. Prescription swim goggles are made especially to provide clear vision to swimmers with myopia and hyperopia, and even astigmatism. Since the lenses are tailor-made for your vision, you can see every element of the undersea world with greater clarity. Prescription swim goggles strengthen your water encounters, by reducing the chances of accidents caused due to blurred vision.


Reduce Discomfort


Wearing your regular glasses or contact lenses when you dive into a pool may seem useless since they’ll slip off anyway. Prescription goggles made for swimmers come with a tight fit and sturdy head straps. So you can be sure that the goggles stay in place during every stroke and turn. To get a personalized, comfortable fit and avoid the need for additional adjustments, the nose bridge may be altered accordingly. 


Ensuring Safety


To make sure that your eyes are protected, these come in handy.  They protect your eyes from chlorinated water which may cause ocular problems in the long run.  Water can't pass through to the eyes because of the tight barrier surrounding them, which lowers the possibility of irritation and discomfort.  If swimming in freshwater, microbes can enter the eye which can be more than an irritant.  They could start serious infections.  


How to Choose the Right Pair 


Selecting the best prescription swim goggles requires taking into account various aspects. These include your particular prescription, the kind of swimming you do, and your personal preferences. You can also check out our guide on how to select prescription swim goggles for detailed assistance.


Vision Problems and Solutions


If you’ve been facing issues with your vision, you might have myopia or hyperopia. Now, you don’t need to fret over these being some big-name diseases. Myopia is simply your eye’s inability to see things that are far away from you while hyperopia is when things close to your eyes seem blurry. 


With glasses, several visual impairments such as nearsightedness, hyperopia, astigmatism, and presbyopia can be addressed. The lenses of these prescribed glasses help light bend at the right angles when it enters your eye. The results? Reduced distortion, greater overall clarity, and sharper vision!


Final Word 


As you have seen, swimming goggles for glasses wearers offer a variety of options. However, only prescription swimming goggles can help deal with the issues that arise while swimming underwater. They make sure you have a clear view and are especially crucial if you are swimming competitively. Such goggles also protect you from eye strain and induced headaches, letting you soak in the experience to the fullest possible extent. 


So do not hesitate to invest in swimming goggles that can transform this adventure for you. As part of the glass-wearing community that also loves adventures, we cannot stress enough how mind-blowing this change can be. Check out SportsEyes’ beautiful range of prescription swim goggles that would be a perfect addition to your next swimming adventure. Dive right in! 

10 Feb 2024

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