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Sports Glasses for Kids: Are They Necessary?

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Are you a parent to an athlete in the making? Perhaps you have a youngster at home who is keen to play sport? Whether they’re getting stuck into a competitive activity or simply playing for fun, sports glasses can often prove essential when it comes to protecting your child’s eyes, especially if they already require prescription eyewear. We’ve all heard of kids swimming goggles, but did you know that sports glasses can be worn for almost every sport. Not only will it add that extra level of safety, but it will also help them play better.


Firstly, it’s important to recognize that there are sports glasses and sports goggles, both of which offer a level of protection. Sports glasses are designed to be durable and can be worn to protect your child’s eyes and can include prescription lenses if your youngster already wears glasses. Kids sports goggles are designed to slip over existing eyewear but offer an extra layer of protection. 


As mentioned, two main reasons impact kids wearing sports glasses. These are either to prevent injury or as a necessity, because they already wear prescription glasses – or a combination of both. There’s clearly a huge benefit to kids wearing sports glasses. The professional team at Sport Eyes have explored why you should be picking up a pair for your little one. 


For Those Who Already Wear Glasses


Let’s be honest, needing prescription glasses shouldn’t prevent your little one from playing sports. That’s why sports glasses provide the perfect solution. 


Designed with active little ones in mind, sports glasses like those available from Sport Eyes, come with or without prescription lenses. As well as being extra durable, our sports glasses also come with either a strap or an optional strap, providing additional stability for users. This means that your kid will be able to play the sport they want to, safe in the knowledge that their vision will be as good as it is on a day-to-day basis. 


Fundamentally, if your child doesn’t wear the necessary prescription sport glasses while playing a sport, it could prove detrimental to their safety and those around them.   


Sports Glasses Prevent Injury


Believe it or not, eye injuries that come from playing sports are extremely common. More than 600,000 eye injuries occur each year from sport in America, of which one-third of these are in children. Whether they’re jumping on a snowboard, batting a baseball, or scoring goals in soccer, it’s vital that the protection of your children’s eyes remains a priority. While it’s great when we hear parents actively encouraging their kids to get active or play sports, we mustn’t lose sight of keeping them protected. 


Our sports glasses tend to have an extra layer of special padding, which means if your child gets hit directly in the face, it will protect the bridge of their nose, as well as their actual eye. This means there is far less of a chance of eye and facial injuries. 


With a range of kids sunglasses, kids sports goggles, kids swimming goggles, all with or without prescription, available here at Sport Eyes, we have plenty of products on offer to keep your little ones safe. And while there are multiple designs available to suit specific activities, most sports glasses can be used across the board for almost any sport. Better still, with a whole host of designs, styles, and colors to choose from, your little one can feel fashionable, while you get peace of mind knowing they are safe and protected. 


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14 Jul 2021

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