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7 Cool Sports Goggles for Teens

 Group of kids Running

Are you sick and tired of having to compromise on your vision and appearance when it comes to eyewear for sports? This is something that plagues teens even more. After all, it is understandable for teenagers to be more conscious of the way they dress. 


Sadly we have all been there - choosing to stay in discomfort for fear of looking like a sore sight. Well, wave goodbye to those worries. We are here to burst that myth. With the right pair of sports goggles, you will be able to excel in your performance and look dashing while doing so. 


We are here to save you from hours of research. Here are some sports goggles loved by parents and their young athletes because there is no compromise on style and vision. And to make things more perfect, all of these come with prescription lenses so that your teen has no problems with visibility. So, let’s find you the right pair of sports glasses, shall we? 


Does My Teen Need Sport Goggles?


2 kids playing basketball

If you’ve got a child who loves playing sports, you know how gnawing the fear of their injuries can be. Sports goggles can help reduce those worries by enhancing your teen’s vision. 


Teenage sports goggles have several advantages, most importantly - better vision and protection. Similar to helmets and pads, they act as a barrier against possible injury, and increase reaction time and performance with precise vision. 


Moreover, your teen can show their unique style while remaining safe by experimenting with different looks and designs. You can choose a frame based on the face’s shape to give them the confidence they get by looking their best. 


The Coolest Sports Goggles for Teens

With so many different options in the market, we understand that it can get confusing to choose one. Let us walk you through our bestselling, all-time favorite sports goggles that equip you with both safety and style. 


All of these adhere to the ASTM safety standard (a standard that regulates impact resistance of eyewear for ball and bat/stick sports) and are available in prescription or non-prescription lenses so that your teen can get the best-looking goggles, in the best-looking styles.


So, here are our top picks for teenage sports goggles: 


1. LS Rec-Specs F8 Impact


Product image of LS Rec-Specs F8 Impact

The newest innovation in sporting goggles is the LS Rec-Specs F8 Impact, which offers an appealing look without compromising performance. Plus, Liberty Sport is dedicated to providing long-lasting quality, as evidenced by the Lifetime Warranty, which even covers prescription lenses. 


A broad range of peripheral vision is made possible by the 8-base lens curve design, which is an amazing boost for sporting activities. 


2. LS Rec-Specs F8 Slam ASTM Rated Sports Glasses  


Product Image of LS Rec-Specs F8

If you sweat often while playing sports, you need a pair of sports goggles offering proper ventilation. The Liberty Sport F8 Slam sports glasses are exactly what you should be looking for. Fogging won’t be an issue with the vents on the sides that ensure proper ventilation. 


Available in small to medium sizes, these unisex sports glasses can fit kids and teens. Meeting ATSM standards, they ensure impact resistance. Still scared about breaking them? These glasses come with a lifetime warranty so feel free to pay roughly.


With its adjustable temples, interchangeable arms, and side vents, the LS Slam glasses blend style and performance to create the perfect dependable on-field partner. 


3. LS Rec-Specs F8 Velocity


Product image of LS Rec-Specs F8 Velocity

With its sleek design and stylish cut-out rim, the LS Rec-Specs F8 Velocity stands out from various sports goggles. With soft rubber nose cushioning that prioritizes comfort, your teen can be assured of a secure and comfortable fit. 


Also, special venting systems keep visibility at their best and avoid fogging, which improves the experience even further. Liberty Sport prides itself on its long-lasting quality and commitment to customer satisfaction and provides a limited Lifetime Warranty against faults and breakages. 


4. VerSport Troy


Product image of VerSport Troy

Your young sports enthusiast will find the VerSport Troy particularly useful because of its large lenses, which offer a wide field of vision. Teens can quickly transition between temple pieces and strap-only choices using the 'Quick Twist' system, which accommodates a variety of activities. 


Now, there are times when some eyewear may cause pinching pain near the temple. We’ve got that tackled too! The wishbone temple tip is shock-absorbing to give you comfort and efficiency. Plus, they have a 3-year warranty to guarantee product longevity. 


5. Hilco Leader C2 


Product image of Hilco Leader C2

With a range of excellent features at an affordable price, the C2 is an ideal choice for nearly everyone, regardless of what sport you play.  


The C2 has flexible temple tips (arms) that allow you to create a perfect fit. These goggles can switch between arms and helmet straps, but you'll need a mini screwdriver. Also, keep in mind that the strap is sold separately. The nosepiece is replaceable as well so you do not need to change the entire frame. 

6. Wiley-X WX Gamer


Product image of Wiley-X WX Gamer

The Wiley-X WX Gamer Sports Glasses are super versatile. The adjustable strap-only feature of the Gamer Sports Glasses makes them multi-purpose, and suitable to be worn under a baseball, hockey, or football helmet. 


You can choose between the gloss black or matte black color. Also, they have a 'Clark Kent' look to them that is hard to resist. 


For sports enthusiasts who value flexibility and style, these glasses are the best option. Available with earpieces and a complete wrap strap, they can be worn in different styles, making these pairs of goggles an extremely versatile choice. 


7. Hilco T-Zone


Product Image of Hilco T-Zone

The T-Zone's clear frame is its most distinctive feature. When engaged in play, this significantly improves peripheral vision for your teen. Additionally, it may be converted to a strap-only alternative (separate purchase), which allows it to be used for a wide range of sports. 


The Hilco T-Zone is constructed from durable, lightweight nylon for optimal comfort and the greatest impact resistance so that the safety of your teen is guaranteed. In addition, the T-Zone is supported by Hilco's Limited Lifetime Warranty, making it a particularly durable and trustworthy choice. 


That puts an end to our list of favorite sports goggles for teens. 



So there you have it! 7 amazing options to bring you that zing to your next game. Sports goggles allow teens to display their unique tastes and sense of style while staying safe. They come in various patterns, colors, and styles these days so that your teen can choose from a range of options. 


So no need to worry about looking uncool or nerdy anymore, with sports goggles that only add to your aesthetic appeal. Browse through more of our favorite picks at Sporteyes, and choose one that fits your style the best. 


With the right pick, you are sure to be the star of the field. Get your favorite pair today

20 May 2024

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