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Most people take the usual precautions when playing a given sport: helmets, knee pads, etc., but few take measures to protect their eyes. The sad part about eye injuries is that most of the damage is permanent, and most of the injuries could have been prevented. Eye injuries can destroy an athlete's career. Therefore, if you are a serious athlete, you need to take serious precautions. More and more professional athletes are recognizing the hazards, and taking precautions to protect themselves. Be smart and protect yourself too. Most styles can be fit with your prescription in them. A Sight for Sport Eyes specializes in eyewear for the performance driven athlete. We are dedicated to educating the consumer about the risks to the eyes when participating in sports, and how to properly prevent injury.


Eyewear can also be used to enhance one's performance in a given sport. There is special eyewear that can be worn for almost any given sport. Select the sport of your choice for more information.

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Goggles for motorcycle riding, high wind sports or dry eye syndrome.

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Others Sports:


Here are some suggested styles for some other popular sports:

Driving:  Serengeti Driver's lens is designed specifically for driving.

Other Specialty /Industrial Products:  Sight Shield protective eyewear to prevent particles from entering the eye.  Gargoyles Clears and Clic Medical for medical professionals. Wiley-X standard issue for military and police organizations.  Hilco sports goggles approved for industrial use.

Motorcross:  Smith, Zeal and Rudy Project make goggle series specifically for motorcross sports and most have tear off sheets available.

Sailing:  See Water Sports.  Styles will have similar usage. Polarized lenses and frames with a strap so that they stay on the face are important.

Sports eyewear can be fit for almost any sport or recreational activity including in-line skating,  skydiving, archery, etc. Even new extreme sports athletes can be fit with eyewear. Call (888)223-2669 or e-mail for more information. If we don't know anything, all you need to tell us is what you want to get out of your eyewear, and we'll find something to fit your needs.