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Rudy Project Swifty Sunglasses (S)

Rudy Project Swifty Sunglasses Information Eyesize: 70/15. Dimensions: A:71, B:39. Weight: .9oz, 25.5g. (Eyesize FAQ) Swifty is a product specially designed for sportsmen and sportswomen with...Read More
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Starting At : $0.00

Rudy Project Swifty Sunglasses Information

Eyesize: 70/15. Dimensions: A:71, B:39. Weight: .9oz, 25.5g. (Eyesize FAQ)

Swifty is a product specially designed for sportsmen and sportswomen with sight problems.

This range of eyewear, with its carefully crafted curved geometry, was designed to correct high prescriptions. Swifty can be fitted with the revolutionary ImpactRX lenses (a range of rx/sun lenses patented by Rudy Project that can be worn during sports activities). Thanks to the research that led to the development of ImpactX technology and subsequent improvements in optical correction, ImpactRX lenses allow you to see both from close-up (e.g. to read instrumentation) and from a distance, without any interruption of sports activities outdoors. The new products guarantee a high level of safety, they are unbreakable for life, and they produce sharper and more clearly defined images, while the rainbow effect is limited and visual comfort is enhanced. Thanks to a partnership with optical laboratories specializing in the use of state-of-the-art cutting and finishing equipment (automatic 5-axis milling machines and the development of parameters for prism compensation) and with wide experience in adapting lenses to sports frames, the resulting lenses are excellent for sports activities for users with special prescription needs. Once you have selected your frames, all the optician has to do is issue the prescription and define the parameters allowing the eyewear to be fitted according to your facial features. The data are then sent to Rudy Project, and the eyewear can be delivered to the customer within 20 days. The result is a product that is uniquely tailored to the needs of each sportsman or sportswoman.

The Swifty open frames allow better ventilation, wearer comfort is guaranteed by the adjustable nosepiece, and the temples are completely coated with rubber to ensure a perfect fit to the face.

Perfect for smaller faces. Quick Change Interchangeable lenses.  Anti-Slip system with soft rubber temple tips.  Adjustable nosepiece. 

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Click links for descriptions of Rudy Project Lens Colors and Prescription technology

Rudy Project Prescription Information

Prescription-ready, either with our easy-in-easy-out patented RX insert, or  

"direct in" where full lens is made in prescription..  Available with the revolutionary ImpactRX™ program powered by Shamir® digital freeform technology. Prescription adapter or "Direct In"  are add on options.  Lenses only are available to order if you already have the frame (lens fit is not guaranteed--mail in frame for best results). Prices shown are for single vision (SV) prescription lenses only.Progressive lenses are available in store only or see our prescription information page for other options for obtaining progressive lenses.

Standard insert fits prescriptions +4.00 to -4.00.  Rimless adapter can be made with prescriptions of +5.00 to -7.00 (polycarbonate, trivex or high index lenses recommended for higher prescriptions due to thickness)  Options for inserts are most popular options. For high index or other options, see prescription options page.

Direct In Prescription Limitations based on PD (Pupil distance) (sphere power listed. Maximium cylinder power is 2.00). Lens size can be made smaller (eye width) than original non-Rx lens to accomodate higher powers:

PD Eye width 70 Eye width 67 Eye width 63
PD=58 -2.50 to +1.00 -2.75 to +1.25 -3.00 to +1.50
PD=60 -2.50 to +1.00 -2.75 to +1.50 -3.25 to +1.75
PD=62 -2.50 to +1.25 -2.75 to +1.25 -3.25 to +1.75
PD=64 -2.75 to +1.25 -3.00 to +1.50 -3.50 to +2.00
PD=66 -2.75 to +1.25 -3.25 to +1.75 -3.75 to +2.00
PD=68 -2.75 to +1.50 -3.25 to +1.75 -3.75 to +2.00
PD=70 -3.00 to +1.50 -3.50 to +2.00 -3.75 to +2.00

Note:  Cannot ship Rudy Project outside of North America.

Looking for Lens Color Descriptions?  Look for the "Lens Information" button to the right of the main picture at the top of the page.

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