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Leader Dive Mask Gray with Prescription insert

Hilco XrX Prescription Dive Mask

  • Leader Dive Mask Gray with Prescription insert Leader Dive Mask Gray with Prescription insert
  • Leader Dive Mask Blue with Prescription insert Leader Dive Mask Blue with Prescription insert
  • Leader Dive Mask Prescription Adapter Leader Dive Mask Prescription Adapter

Hilco XrX Prescription Dive Mask

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Dive Mask Information

Versatile, lightweight masks with an exceptional field of vision.  Suitable for either snorkeling or diving.  Comes with Rx adapter.  Mask can be worn with or with the insert.   One step strap adjustment system.  100% Hypo-allergenic silicone face skirt with purge valve.  Silicone split strap for a secure fit.  Tempered glass lens for lasting performance.  Side windows provide 180 degree panoramic view.

Prescription adapter allows for fitting of high prescriptions with astigmatism or bifocal or progressive lenses (note bifocals and progressive lenses are not offered online.  See FAQ on bifocals and progressives here).  Insert requires no special technology to fabricate lenses so your local optical shop should be able to fit this insert with bifocals or progressives lenses if you prefer to do it locally.

See Hilco Leader brand information page for additional details or warranty information. 

Prescription Information

Most popular prescription lenses listed.  Prescription lens prices quoted are for a pair of lenses with prescriptions up to 6.00 diopters cylinder, up to 2.00 diopter cylinder. Higher prescriptions will incur additional power charges.  For other lens options such as high index lenses (recommended on powers over 8.00 as thick lenses may push against facial bones), and more, see prescription information page.  No prescription limitations. Estimated time frame for prescription:  5 to 7 working days. Anti-fog coating includes heavy duty scratch coating and is recommended on this product.  Fog coating adds 3-5 day to processing time.

Additional Information

Prescription Price$53.00
Accessories Price$7.00
SizingAdult Large
Prescription Range Sphere PowerUp to 2.00 Sphere, Up to 4.00 Spher, Up to 6.00 Sphere, Up to 8.00 Spher, Above +/- 8.00 Sphere Power
Prescription Range Cylinder PowerUp to 2.00 Cylinder, Up to 4.00 Cylinder, Above 4.00 Cylinder
Frame MaterialN/A
Frame Color/Lens ColorNo
Safety RatingN/A
Interchangeable LensesN/A
Base Curve6 Base

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  1. All features good review by Harry B. on 8/2/2017
    Overall Performance

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    The trifocals

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    All features good

    Are you having any fogging issues?

    I did not have any

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    Great company. Everything was delivered as advertised.

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