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Ski Goggle Prescription Adapter Only

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Prescription Adapter for Ski Goggles Infomation

Adapter only. Does note include goggle.  Fits most goggles.  Also works in motorcross goggles or paintball goggles.

Shape C fits most cylindrical goggles (non-bubble lens) (77mm tall top to bottom, 123 mm width side to side)

Shape D fits Bolle brand goggles and larger spherical goggles (bubble lenses) (70mm tall top to bottom, 140mm width side to side)

Shape H fits most smaller/kids size goggles.  (60mm tall top to bottom, 118mm side to side) (temporarily sold out)

Shape J fits Julbo brand ski goggles is good for higher prescriptions to keep thickness down but limited viewing area (75mm tall by 123mm wide)

Shape R fits Rudy Project brand goggles and is the largest overall, but curved so not good for high prescriptions. (70mm tall by 170mm wide)

Shape ODS fits only Smith brand goggles and only the following models:  Sequence OTG, Sequence OTG Low Bridge Fit, Reason OTG, Reason OTG Low Bridge Fit, Prophecy OTG, Knowledge OTG, I/O MAG XL, I/O MAG XL Low Bridge Fit, Skyline XL, Skyline XL Low Bridge Fit


Prescription Information

Prescription adapter available.  Prescription adapter carries prescription lenses and snaps inside goggles.  Prescription prices shown are for lenses up to 4.00 diopters with up to 2.00 cylinder.  Higher prescription subject to a power charge. For additional prescription lens information and options, visit prescription information page.   Prices shown are for single vision (SV) prescription lenses only.  Progressive lenses are available in store only or see our prescription information page for other options for obtaining progressive lenses.  PD is recommended for accuracy.  Enter prescription details in box below or fax/email (not required) the Rx to us if you are unsure how to enter it online.  Estimated time:  5-7 working days. Fog  coating adds a week.


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Let all the latest information on Events, Sales, and Offers.


Let all the latest information on Events, Sales, and Offers.